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  1. Have you ever wondered why you don’t find job advertisements for “user experience developers”? For that matter, why do designers monopolize improving the experience of users? It is not like designers are the only people who impact the user experience. After all, the user experience is not the same thing as the user interface. The user’s experience is affected by many things beyond the interface.

    In fact, although I am a user experience designer myself, I would argue that in many ways a developer has a more significant impact on the user experience than I do.
    Tags: , , by tjeerdtraats (2018-01-15)
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  2. The Bitcoin community has leveled new criticism against Bitcoin Cash (BCH) after data reveals its bigger blocks are not living up to developers’ promises.

    Analysis of BCH and Bitcoin (BTC) blocks which software advocate Ben Verret uploaded to Twitter Sunday suggests that Bitcoin blocks, despite being smaller, are verifying more transactions than BCH’s ‘big blocks’ approach.
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  3. For digital marketers and product owners, understanding the need for mobile optimisation will be critical in the coming year. In a study carried out by Statista, in the third quarter of 2017, nearly 53% of global web traffic originated from mobile devices. This is a huge jump from the previous year and it’s expected to rise even more in 2018. So what will this rise in mobile users mean for businesses? The answer is simple. They will need to provide an optimal mobile experience. And one of the best ways to do this is give them a voice – through in-app feedback.
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  4. This isn't a pie-in-the-sky wish-list. All five of these insights are available today, with the right analytics system.
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  5. If you are using Google Chrome and want to enhance your productivity, you should check out these Chrome Flags settings. By unlocking these hidden settings, you can customize the browser and do more with it. To get started, enter chrome://flags in the URL bar and hit Enter to open the Flags configuration page.
    Tags: , , by tjeerdtraats (2018-01-12)
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  6. In the cluttered world of apps and websites, design can often help your brand stand out. If you can manage to deliver a pleasing experience to users, they are more likely to come back to you. In order to deliver that kind of experience, it is important to understand what resonates with them.

    To help you make important design decisions in 2018, here is a list of the top UX trends of 2017.
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  7. Traditional levers for managing tail spend i.e. analytics based buying methodologies and frameworks will continue be applied at the backend, these will get augmented with the new lever of user experience at the top.
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  8. Around this time each year, we like to look back at marketing and design trends that shaped the previous year, as well as what changes we can expect in the future.

    The year 2017 brought us millennial pink, virtual reality, GIFs, and a step closer towards the possible end of the stock photo. What can we expect for the New Year on the horizon? Like its predecessor, 2018 will likely be full of mash-ups and changes. Here are a few emerging trends to keep your eye on, as they will probably become more popular in 2018.
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  9. There are many different ways to focus on the user experience for your website. However, sometimes those ideas are so overused and generic that they may not actually have you typical user in mind. When determining if your website’s UX actually has the user in mind, you should look at what process your target audience will likely to go through when landing on your page.
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  10. Imagine a website with buttons for actions, text fields for data entry, lots of hero images for eye candy. But there are no labels for text fields. Images are blurred out. No calls to action for button labels. Visitors don’t know what to enter. Visitors don’t know why they need to click. Images have no captions. Everything is floating in a context-less glob.
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