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  1. In technology parlance, the emotional result of a person's interaction with a website or digital app is called "user experience" or "UX" -- and the success of a business depends on it. Users who have easy, positive experiences with websites and apps likely will be drawn back to the business. On the contrary, websites and apps with poor navigation and slow loading times likely will turn off consumers.

    UX is essential in e-commerce because conversion rates often are aligned with a positive or negative experience. As technology continues to improve and as customer preferences evolve, businesses must adapt UX to stay competitive.

    To optimize UX and enhance customer perceptions of your brand, following are five UX Do's and Don'ts to focus on.
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  2. Each week, I curate the best UX articles, design tools, and resources on my newsletter, UX Design Weekly. I went back and looked at the stats from the past year to find the best of the best. Here are the top links designers were reading and sharing in 2018.
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  3. One discipline that is booming in 2018, however, is user experience (UX). And it seems to me this is precisely because UX is a broad church. UX is about meeting consumer expectations in a variety of channels, even if those are predominately digital.

    UX fits within customer experience and this is at the heart of new agency propositions, where tech meets strategy and experience design.

    To some extent these propositions have been forged in the heat of competition from consultancies. Earlier this year, Pierre Nanterme, chief executive of Accenture Interactive, pointed out that the company is staying out of the declining business of media buying and focusing on these more profitable areas.
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  4. With so much emphasis on user experience (UX) and agility in modern business, you would expect great design to be ubiquitous. It’s not. So Why does bad design keep happening? It’s the data. More accurately, it’s the lack of data, writes, Matthew Wishnow, Managing Director of Experience Design and Optimization at Accenture Interactive.

    With so much emphasis on user experience (UX) and agility in modern business, you would expect great design to be ubiquitous.

    It’s not.
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  5. To stay ahead of the curve, UX design is important for a brand because it will help our business by making the best possible first impression, generating ROI, increase in customers retention and market share, money saving in the development phase, and a big-ticket investment for the future
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  6. The ability to ask meaningful questions is a fundamental yet often overlooked skill in the UX Designer’s toolkit. I’ve begun to notice a clear correlation between the number of questions a designer asks throughout the process and the quality of the final design output.

    It’s much more than creating, it’s about understanding your problem so well that the solution is obvious.

    In order to understand the challenge at hand, UX Designers must ask great questions at every stage of the process. I’ve cataloged a robust list of questions (100 to be exact) that I’ve found to be useful for projects spanning industries, devices, and personas. While by no means comprehensive, it should provide a framework for design thinking through different stages of a project.
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  7. At the 9th edition of TechSparks, leading designers of the industry spoke about how they are redefining marketing, sales and business aspects across all industries, one doodle at a time.

    From scriptures to paintings to doodles, art has been a beloved part of society for ages. With the integration of roles in the enterprise, and social and mobile creating a huge brand impact, designing has become the new poster boy of the industry.

    At TechSparks 2018, some of the leading experts in design spoke about what they do, and how design is vital to businesses.
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  8. According to Google Trends, the term “empathy” now appears in Search more than six times as often as it did in 2004. Finding a job description for a design role that doesn’t mention “empathy” is near impossible. Undergraduate and graduate schools alike espouse “learning how to empathize” in the curricula. Empathy is everywhere, and especially in design.
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  9. From websites to homes and cars, here's how AI could help patch the holes and bring UX closer to maximum potential.
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  10. When building a Digital Branch, it’s crucial to look at online user experience and design early and often. This means planning and designing a consistent look and feel throughout all touch points both in visual design (branding, color, fonts) and user experience (user flows, ease of use, interaction patterns, etc.). It also includes building in a process and system for researching, testing, and learning how users engage with your site.
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