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  1. One discipline that is booming in 2018, however, is user experience (UX). And it seems to me this is precisely because UX is a broad church. UX is about meeting consumer expectations in a variety of channels, even if those are predominately digital.

    UX fits within customer experience and this is at the heart of new agency propositions, where tech meets strategy and experience design.

    To some extent these propositions have been forged in the heat of competition from consultancies. Earlier this year, Pierre Nanterme, chief executive of Accenture Interactive, pointed out that the company is staying out of the declining business of media buying and focusing on these more profitable areas.
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  2. These days, customer experience -- more than perhaps any other aspect of a business -- can make or break a company. Businesses are starting to realize that customer experience is often the deciding factor for many looking to buy a product or sign up for a service. With the rise of social media allowing customer experiences to be shared almost instantaneously at the global level, a customer’s experience is often the first thing a potential consumer might see.
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  3. Building a website is all about your users. You need to be aware of your audience and you build your brand identity around them. There are thousands of ways to approach and enhance your website user experience. One of the strategies we are often presented with is using humor and cuteness added to your website style.

    What is implied with humor and cuteness? Is it all about making jokes and being sarcastic? Well, it’s a bit more than that. If you choose to go down the humor road, you’re giving your brand a specific voice, and you need to be consistent in using it. Humor helps you make a great first impression on your users. It also leads to people developing certain kinds of emotions for your brand and that makes it closer to your users.

    Here’s what you need to know if you want to use humor and cuteness to improve your website user experience.
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  4. It’s getting better and better but, still, how many times have you had to justify why user experience matters and what it actually means? To be prepared, as part of your UX toolbox, you should have a set of examples and visuals to ground your arguments. Case studies are great ways to exemplify the relevance of UX for product and service development. Graphics are also great tools to become the perfect advocate of UX.

    There are lots of classifications and forms to provide a visual overview of the User Experience field. The truth is that UX is a pretty high level term and often too ambiguous for people outside the field. What does UX exactly mean? Is it a philosophy, a process, a guideline, a standard, a discipline? It will definitely puzzle your colleague/boss/client/grandmother when you reply that UX is all of the above!
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  5. Designing a mobile marketing strategy is both an art and science. You need to take many factors into account, listen to your hunches about your audience, draw on your experience, and put new tactics into place.

    But how do you know if your strategy is working?

    You won’t unless you measure it. Here are five steps you can take to measure the effectiveness of your mobile marketing strategy.
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  6. One broad question that hounds almost all designers everywhere — ‘What is the perfect designing strategy to develop a user-friendly platform?’ The simpler version of it would be looking for an answer by actually observing the design yourself. Observation is the most critical asset of a designer when developing a design based on User Experience (UX). Ultimately, a good design is not just the by-product of creative ideas but an amalgamation of multiple design elements chosen to bring the idea/imagination to life.

    When it comes to User Experience, some factors must be considered prior to the designing task.
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  7. It may come as a surprise to many of you how much effort is put into developing mobile apps nowadays. And why all the effort? If designed well, your app can give you the upper hand in the battle for market share. Note: the key words here are ‘if designed well’. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with all mobile apps on the market. Sure, they get the job done, but many of these apps still lack key features their users crave and a strong user experience. Fortunately, there is a remedy for these poorly designed mobile apps that will help put them back on top: in-app feedback.
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