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  1. Delivering an excellent user experience is essential to attracting and retaining customers. And although data management may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about optimizing user experience, maybe it should be.

    User experience — or just UX, as really trendy folks put it — has become something of a buzzword at the intersection of IT and business.
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  2. I see it time and time again. Companies, particularly startups, throwing money into paid acquisition channels and not getting a strong ROI, or devoting weeks to the latest spammy growth hacks which get them a customer or two for a month or so.

    The problem in almost every case is that the company does not understand how to optimize the entire user experience.

    They don’t understand who their target audience is, they don’t truly understand why someone would use their product or service, and they don’t understand how to keep them using it.
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  3. Imagine you have a big family and a large supply of tableware, but the dishwasher is broken, so you decide not to wash the dishes after each meal. From breakfast through dinner, you accumulate an increasingly larger pile of dishes until you run out of tableware.

    When you go to the kitchen, you are met with an overwhelming pile of dirty dishes. The mere thought of dealing with it stresses you out, so you decide to go and lay down. But when you wake up and go to the kitchen the next morning for your morning coffee, you realize you have no choice but to roll up your sleeves and do the dishes. And when you are done, the cycle starts all over again.
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  4. Every product has an ultimate goal — to help people solve certain problems. When designing a product, you need to keep user experience in mind, you don’t want to create a product that is more complicated than the actual problem the users have. There are some principles to follow when designing a product. It could be an app, a website or a physical product. These principles would help you shape better user experience.
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  5. User-centered design is now at the core of every innovative design, and ensuring your site or app’s visitors have a positive user experience is more important than ever.

    Great user experience doesn’t just help your visitors get around your site: it triggers emotional connections and brings you closer to your users. But sometimes it can be tricky to get UX right, no matter how much advice there is out there to get your design noticed.

    Lucky for you, we’ve been on the lookout for inspirational web and app user experiences to help you level up your UX design…
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  6. By now, you’ve heard about the importance of both UX (user experience) and CX (customer experience) when it comes to a company’s survival. While that’s true, a lot is still unclear about which is actually more important to prioritize.

    The answer? Both.

    UX is reflective on the usability of a company’s website, whereas CX focuses on customer interactions and meeting overall expectations. The UX of an airline company, for example, would relate to the usability of the mobile app interface and website: how easy it is to purchase flight tickets, access flight information, download a boarding pass, etc.
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  7. Restaurant reservation service OpenTable aims to create an amazing dining experience for its millions of users.

    Sift Science enabled OpenTable to scale a highly successful digital gift cards program without increasing risk.

    Read the case study to learn how to:

    + Limit manual review;
    + Move from a manual fraud-prevention process to an automated one;
    + Reduce user friction and enhance UX by streamlining processes.
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  8. UI/UX designers are in growing demand in today’s tech heavy world. And they should be! User interface and user experience is everything your audience sees and engages with on a digital platform, so it’s pretty important. A digital experience is absolutely nothing without design, and a bad design can ruin everything.
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  9. A business's website or app has the ability to leave a lasting impression on a customer -- and whether that impression is good or bad can depend on a lot of factors.

    Because of web and mobile's potential impact, entrepreneurs have started to spend time and resources on improving user experience (UX). So how can you improve the UX of your website or mobile app?
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  10. We began researching ecommerce websites back in the year 2000, during the dot-com bubble. Since then, we have continued to research ecommerce usability and the customer experience.

    For the fourth edition of our Ecommerce User Experience report series, a team of 7 NN/g researchers conducted a large-scale, lab-based usability study including 63 defined test activities across 49 unique business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce websites. A total of 16 users participated, and each was given a subset of the 63 test tasks. In addition to this large, lab-based study, researchers also conducted many smaller, more targeted research studies in order to update and evolve each of the 11 topical ecommerce reports included in the Ecommerce User Experience report series.
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