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  1. How healthy–or sick–is the web?

    That’s the question Mozilla attempts to answer in its annual Internet Health Report. The 2018 edition, released this week in a multipart interactive story, finds plenty to be optimistic about, like inclusive communities and improved security practices. But it also finds plenty to be troubled by–like censorship and harassment. And in one one of its chapters, it sounds the alarm about the enormous carbon footprint of the web.
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  2. Each year technology makes the world more complex for people to understand. So, easy-to-use services for consumers are in particularly great demand. Due to the nature of the human mind: it is vital to perceive the world in a simple way. Any financial service can get an advantage by delivering a perfect user experience based on a simple interface.
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  3. When you think of seasonal branding, your first thought might be Black Friday campaigns. However, it encompasses a lot more than a specific event or holiday. While holiday sales do account for more than $80 billion in online sales each year, there is a lot of other time that must be filled in to really get the word out about your brand.

    Fortunately, there are four seasons and all the holidays within each one for you to draw on as you think through the experience of your users (UX) and how you can enhance your site. You will need to pick and choose which holidays are most celebrated by your customers and figure out some sales trends before making a plan, of course. Some basic ways to include seasonal branding for UX include:
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  4. In product design or user experience design, we are much more familiar with techniques such as user interviews, questionnaires in the initial phase. The raw data collected by the requirement gathering methods are then synthesized by competitor analysis, user flows, use cases, heuristic evaluations. We visualize this information by persona generation and designing visual designs to visualize how the actual product going to be. Somewhere on the line, we have to consider the actual users who will be using this application as well. The world that the real users live in may differ from how we imagine it to be. The proper understanding of how the product that the designers create will help the real users who are outside the development environment would be a definite plus to creating better engaging and usable products.
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  5. Your brand is much more than your corporate identity or product name. It’s the very front line of your customer experience. Beyond that iconic logo and catchy tagline, your brand derives its power from the sum of those customer experiences: excitement, inspiration, and motivation in the moment drives more sales. While advertising and marketing seek to influence perception, User Experience is for the mother’s milk of a dynamic brand.
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  6. Social proof (sometimes referred to as informational social influence) is a psychological concept. It refers to the tendency of human beings to follow the actions of others when making decisions and placing weight on those actions to assume “the correct decision”. It’s a concept that can be used in product design for the Internet and mobile web to help drive user decisions in the direction that a business wants them to go.

    Human beings are social creatures. We live in communities, towns and cities. We raise families and have friends. It’s what defines us. It also makes us vulnerable to the influence of other people. Social influence, which is what we refer to when we talk about the impact of other people’s actions on our own, can be very positive (it’s what, for example, makes us less likely to get drunk and start fights in public) but it can also be negative (when it leads to “herd behaviour” or “following the crowd”).
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  7. umans are visual creatures. Throughout the ages, mankind has been constantly trying to capture their surroundings by drawing and preserving images. From prehistoric cave markings to this generation’s animation for mobile apps, the world continues to become more animated as time goes by.

    When animated cartoons were first introduced in the early 1900s, they were meant to merely delight audiences. Fast forward to the digital age and animation has now become part of people’s daily lives. It is now considered a functional element of mobile applications – one that enhances the user experience if designed properly. While mobile developers agree that animation increases users’ enjoyment of a product, how exactly does it enhance user experience?
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  8. As modern enterprises embrace sophisticated HRMS solutions, most HR teams and vendors are now under tremendous pressure to push user adoption, improve ROI, and consolidate benefits. Firms are now investing huge amounts in technological solutions – however, the outcome and its overarching impact is a much larger conversation.
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  9. User Experience (UX) is somewhat of an ambiguous term. After all, how do you determine what is good UX and what is bad UX? Where do ‘they’ draw the line? And how do you know if you’ve got things under control? Offering up a superior digital user experience is becoming increasingly important among businesses and customers alike – which means you’re going to need the answers to these questions if you want to succeed in achieving a good UX. A great way of learning more about the quality of the UX you provide is by testing and measuring it using User Experience Testing Tools.
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  10. Have you ever looked at your web statistics and found that your bounce rates are really high but your conversion rates are really low? You know that this isn’t a good sign, but you have no idea why it’s happening or how to fix it. So what now? In this blog, we will take a closer look at some of the best User Experience (UX) tools.
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