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  1. Small details can make a big difference to the user experience, saving users' time, making it easier for them to spend money, or just generally making it more enjoyable.
    Tags: , , by haroon (2017-12-15)
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  2. When it comes to news there is a set of expectations that readers have and that may determine the success or not of a newspaper. Make sure your publication apply the following 10 User Experience (UX) and content tips!
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  3. easyJet and Travelport Digital were recognized for the user-focused digital experience they deliver at two leading industry awards in the UK. The double success saw the industry-leading easyJet mobile app, developed in partnership with Travelport Digital, awarded Best Transaction Experience at the User Experience UK Awards and Gold Winner, Digital – Travel Tech, at the driven x design, London Design Awards.
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  4. Parks Associates today released research showing 54% of U.S. broadband households see little value in return for sharing their data. In addition, 42% do not trust companies will be able to keep their data safe. The research firm hosts the 12th-annual CONNECTIONS™ Summit: IoT and the Smart Home, January 9 at CES® 2018 in Las Vegas, to discuss strategies to flip these perceptions and make consumers more at ease with connected products and the value they receive.
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  5. When you and your competitors are all adhering to local SEO best practices, how can you differentiate your business from the rest? Columnist Sherry Bonelli has some ideas.
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  6. We've all been ordering our toilet tissue through Alexa, right?

    Maybe not exactly. Let's ask the experts about the biggest user experience (UX) trends in 2017.
    Tags: , by tjeerdtraats (2017-12-11)
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  7. Our expert commentators have already discussed what they made of 2017, so what do they expect and hope for next year?

    Let's find out...
    Tags: , by tjeerdtraats (2017-12-11)
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  8. Earlier this year I met with a client couple to assess their estate plan. They were both still working and their asset level was already high enough that, even with their projected retirement spending, there was a very good chance there would be significant assets to leave to their only child, a young woman in her early 20s. With this in mind we started talking about whether or not a trust would be needed.
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  9. There is much change in marketing on an everyday basis, and marketers seem to be constantly on the move to conjure up the next adrenaline high.

    Consumers’ stimulation levels have gone up significantly, and brands across sectors are seeking and creating newer ways to build the “experience” for the customer like they did in 2017. In 2018 and ahead, this metamorphosis will only become stronger, deeper, and faster.
    Tags: , , by tjeerdtraats (2017-12-08)
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  10. In any industry, trends somehow reflect people’s everyday needs and behavior. This never-ending process of modification follows us wherever we go — and mobile app development is not an exception. Strictly speaking, new technologies have become the leader of human progress, that’s why their changes are quite significant to any of us.
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