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  1. easyJet and Travelport Digital were recognized for the user-focused digital experience they deliver at two leading industry awards in the UK. The double success saw the industry-leading easyJet mobile app, developed in partnership with Travelport Digital, awarded Best Transaction Experience at the User Experience UK Awards and Gold Winner, Digital – Travel Tech, at the driven x design, London Design Awards.
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  2. Google Chrome's latest software update, version 63, is now rolling out to all users on desktop (Linux, Mac, Windows) and mobile (Android), with updates for Chrome OS to follow shortly.

    Chrome 63 brings with it a ton of new features for both desktop and mobile platforms. The highlighting features for both platforms include Flags redesign, Quick Site Certificate, and a new Device Memory Javascript API. On the other hand, Chrome for Android Oreo adds features like Smart Text Selection and a new modal Permissions dialog.
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  3. When you establish a bond of trust between a company and its customers, you forge and secure their relationship. When both sides talk to each other, face to face, you will get some of the strongest of these relationships.

    However, in this technological era, people use mobile apps, websites, and in-store kiosks to interact with companies.

    This has estranged to us the feeling of intimacy, and we don’t really need to line up in banks anymore if we want to pay bills, or go to physical stores to buy something, when we can do the same things online.
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  4. In recent years, developing a great user experience has become critical for success in software development. With so many different options for products, users have the power and freedom to choose to use those companies with which they have the best experience.
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  5. When it comes to a solution you are using, if there is something weird, and it does not look good, ‘who you gonna call’? Tech support.

    Technical support teams bust user issues day in, day out. They serve on the front line for product problems, fixing errors for dissatisfied customers and calming your confounded users. So why are support technicians so seldom used as a UX resource?

    Every product and I do mean every, is imperfect. So is every user. It is the support team that must encounter these technical imperfections and user errors and take them on. Amidst all the humdrum of lost passwords and application resets, a technical support team is often sitting on a treasure trove of user insight. It is time to take support out of its silo.
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  6. When 2017 is almost over it’s time to look ahead and predict how the digital experience will evolve over the next 12 months.

    In this article, I’ll overview the most significant changes in the digital world which we saw during 2017 and the trends we should be aware of to stay ahead of the curve in design and development in 2018.
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  7. If you haven’t noticed, user experience (UX) is revolutionising and defining the digital strategies of just about every company in the business world today. And while this revolution is indeed grabbing a hold of almost every industry in existence, there is one in particular that really puts UX on a pedestal. The tech industry, where nowadays ‘you’re only as good as the user experience of your products’.
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  8. About six months ago, I left Facebook cold turkey. I had tried leaving it before, but always ended up going back. It wasn’t the not‑so‑subtle hints or wanting to see the pictures of all my friends—or at least people with whom I’d connected on Facebook—that drove me back, but fear of missing out (FOMO). What if something happened to someone, and I wasn’t aware of it? What if I thought of a witty one-liner and couldn’t share it immediately with a group of people, then bask in the adulation they would inevitably provide in response to my genius? What about that important political opinion about Trump or Brexit that I’d need to share among my fellow right‑thinking people?
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  9. The digital asset site ShapeShift is in my view one of the greatest innovations in the nascent world of crypto. But frankly, in my opinion, the user experience on this online site is evolving into one hot mess.
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  10. In NYC, smart city initiatives are all about the area's citizens, residents and tourists, with user experience a key consideration for success.

    Across the city's five boroughs, New York agencies are exploring innovative approaches to building a smarter, more equitable and responsive city. The objective is to make New York City the most innovative and tech-friendly city in the world.
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