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  1. "My husband and I recently purchased a 1927 craftsman home, and we’re embarking on a major renovation project. It’s an exciting endeavor, but no matter how much preparation and planning we do, I know there will be challenges along the way. Even though we’re in the early stages, I continue to be reminded of how similar this process is to a website redesign. Here are four tips I can offer from my own home renovation experience that you can apply to your next website construction project."
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  2. We shop online for convenience, for bargains and for the wide product range. But if a retailer’s website wasn’t up to scratch, would it put you off shopping there?

    Some of the U.K.’s biggest high street shops - including WHSmith, JD Sports and Dorothy Perkins - were recently named and shamed by consumers for having websites with poor user experience.

    At a time when online sales make up nearly a fifth of all national retailing, most retailers simply cannot get away with delivering a substandard online shopping experience.
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  3. If you’re reading this it’s probably safe to say your business has decided to implement an online customer feedback programme. Excellent choice! The next step is to start setting things into motion (in other words, collecting feedback), which can be challenging without the proper guidance. If you already have goals set out for your business, you’re certainly on the right track. Now all you’re going to need is a strategy that encompasses those goals, which – in the case of feedback – can be as simple as using a feedback form template, or at least understanding how a feedback form should be designed…
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  4. As the team at Website Builder Expert explain, “the best designed websites grab, engage and sell. Essentially, UX will demand the user’s attention, keep them on page, and, hopefully, lead to a conversion.”

    To give you a full understanding of what great UX design looks like – and serve up inspiration on how you can mirror it within your small business – we’ve brought together a showcase of UK start-ups and fast-growth brands who have nailed their UX…
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  5. Building a website is all about your users. You need to be aware of your audience and you build your brand identity around them. There are thousands of ways to approach and enhance your website user experience. One of the strategies we are often presented with is using humor and cuteness added to your website style.

    What is implied with humor and cuteness? Is it all about making jokes and being sarcastic? Well, it’s a bit more than that. If you choose to go down the humor road, you’re giving your brand a specific voice, and you need to be consistent in using it. Humor helps you make a great first impression on your users. It also leads to people developing certain kinds of emotions for your brand and that makes it closer to your users.

    Here’s what you need to know if you want to use humor and cuteness to improve your website user experience.
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  6. The digital ecosystem has evolved to such a level, where our everyday customer journeys are just that - everyday. We expect our online shopping experience to be seamless. If it is anything less, then it becomes a bad user experience, frustrating and annoying to the consumer.

    Users are moving away from tolerance and more and more towards proneness. This shift is seen in the unsurprising stat that since January 2013, ad-blocking software has grown by 400% with currently 200 million users worldwide. More often than not, someone downloads AdBlocker not because of ads, but because of a bad ad experience.

    This means that now more than ever, the customer is always right. They hold so much power over brands today, who are often scrambling to show an ad to as many people as possible whilst keeping returning customers loyal.
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  7. Creating a functional professional website is crucial in the digital age. Studies show that 70 percent of consumers research brands online before making a purchase – and the key to transforming that research into conversions is through a strong user experience online.
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  8. The website is full of internal speak, lack of flow, and the critical information to help the user is suffocated by the weeds of marketing waffle and so the user needs to phone the support centre – who’s to blame?

    The patient gets frustrated when the patient after them in A&E gets treated more quickly because their injury is more serious but they don’t understand that process – who’s to blame?
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  9. The idea behind UX design is simple: happy, confident users are more likely to buy from you. They’re more likely to trust you, sign up to your mailing lists, or download your app.

    I often think of user experience design (or UX design) as psychology rather than development. Good UX design is all about getting inside the head of your visitors.
    It’s anticipating their every move, and creating a website that is simple, intuitive and enjoyable to use. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer or silver bullet for good UX design. It’s the culmination of lots of tiny tweaks. Each one improving the experience on your website. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up a checklist of 25 small (and easy) tweaks that will make your UX design shine.
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  10. When building a working and converting website for your business, it is now becoming more important than ever to create a satisfying and successful user experience. A focussed approach to your web development and digital strategy should be taken seriously or undertaken by people who know what they’re doing. User Experience or UX Designers put a lot of effort into understanding keyword and site taxonomy. UX is about analysing real data and talking with real users to piece together seamless application or website.
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