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  1. What is User Experience Design? Learn more here about Defined Stakeholders and Activities involved in each stage.
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  2. Companies like Nike have realized that they’re no longer just making and marketing products; they’re really in the business of crafting user experiences.

    As Dan Maccarone, CEO and co-founder of product design firm Charming Robot, puts it, “The experience is the brand.”

    In an omnichannel world, the user experience starts long before customers put their hands on the product or download the app. It encompasses everything from advertising and website design to social media, retail displays, packaging, the Muzak that’s playing as shoppers enter the store, the help they receive from a salesperson or a chatbot and the subject line on the emailed receipt.
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  3. An ideal user experience encompasses interconnected functionality, navigation and design. Here are some basic website features to increase customer engagement and decrease bounce rates.

    No one would want to stay on a website page that takes long to load, doesn’t provide much relevant information, is aesthetically unpleasing or difficult to navigate through. Here are some tips to make a website experience user-friendly.
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  4. The website is full of internal speak, lack of flow, and the critical information to help the user is suffocated by the weeds of marketing waffle and so the user needs to phone the support centre – who’s to blame?

    The patient gets frustrated when the patient after them in A&E gets treated more quickly because their injury is more serious but they don’t understand that process – who’s to blame?
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  5. It may seem to us now that voice user interfaces (VUIs) aren’t learning quickly enough, but they’re actually evolving at a pretty good pace. Primary platforms are making substantial strides to define the process and practice of crafting a VUI, for example, so that third-party UX designers can bring us new and hopefully better experiences. But UX designers also need time to adapt. Yes, they can follow many of the fundamental guidelines they’re used to applying to visual interfaces, but they also need to operate with new tools and new rules. What makes VUI most difficult is the absence of a visible interface — there are no confines of a screen to keep users boxed in. In this space, we have to design for every possible situation without that visible safety net.
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  6. Mobile apps are intended to make people’s lives easier, but some design decisions can get to be too much for day-to-day use. Below, 14 YEC members discuss app functions that companies — and users — should think twice about.

    Mobile apps can come with a suite of bells and whistles, some of which can be distracting or are a drain on your staff with little return on the user experience. What is one popular feature in apps that should be avoided?
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  7. Digital transformation remains a hot topic in the C-suite. However, transformation efforts are meeting with mixed results. Over 60 percent of companies Lopez Research surveyed strongly agreeing with the statement "Our digital transformation efforts are moving slower than expected." Successful digital transformation efforts require a company to operate its business effectively while simultaneously navigating people, process and technology changes. The delicate balance of execution and evolution requires a company to lean on its strategic vendors for assistance.

    Companies like SAP are at the core of businesses operations for a diverse range of companies such as Bosch, Nestle and Royal Dutch Shell. To learn more about how various industries are approaching digital transformation, I attended SAP's SAPPHIRE and ASUG conference. The conference provides ample opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation initiatives with various business leaders and SAP executives. There were at least seven key takeaways that every business leader should consider as they build transformation strategies.
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  8. User experience is often overlooked in website and app design and, indeed, the design of many things. How many times have you felt compelled to push a door only to find you need to pull it instead? While fire codes might dictate such design, it’s an example of user experience at work.

    While taking a moment to figure out whether a door is push or pull sounds like a small thing, those types of irritants can add up online -- and cost your business customers.
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  9. With the development of the Internet, the term of User Experience has become a keyword of the Internet product development. The definition of the user experience is notso absolutely, and it is also not so sacred and inviolable for ordinary people. In recent years, all peoples are talking about user experience, it seems that everyone can be a UI/UX designer, as the popularity of design in the world. But what is it? What is called as a good User Experience Design?
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  10. This article talks about the complex relationship between advertising online and UX and the foreseeable future of the marriage of the two.
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