Why you should design the content first for better experiences?

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  1. Imagine, you are given the task of designing the package for a Soap brand. The first set of questions you would ask are, Is it a soap bar or gel?, What is the quantity?, What kind of fragrance does the soap have?, What is its shape if it is a bar?, etc. Now if the client says, The fragrance and shape havent been decided yet. But lets make the packaging first keeping a generic soap bar in mind. We can think of these things, later. In this scenario, where would you start? What colours will you use? What will be the messaging on the packaging? What kind of visuals would you use? Will you be able to come up with a design for the packaging without any of these coherent details? The answer is a resounding NO! While designing the UX of a website, the content is like the Soap bar and the packaging, the UX design you come up with. Here are some of the reasons why UX designers and product owners need to start adopting a content-first approach
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