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  1. When building a Digital Branch, it’s crucial to look at online user experience and design early and often. This means planning and designing a consistent look and feel throughout all touch points both in visual design (branding, color, fonts) and user experience (user flows, ease of use, interaction patterns, etc.). It also includes building in a process and system for researching, testing, and learning how users engage with your site.
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  2. It's not easy for retailers to keep up with the pace of marketing innovation. One challenge is their inability to keep up with the changing ways people want to shop for products and connect with brands.

    Consumer behavior has shifted to smaller, more customer experience-oriented retailers, with e-commerce perceived to offer better choice, convenience and price. Consumers want to feel connected to the brand and expect to receive the same experience they've come to know in brick-and-mortar locations. More and more, consumers want to reach out digitally. Consumers expect a customized and personal shopping experience with seamless and immediate support.

    Consumers are demanding that retailers change, yet so many are still not investing in the technologies and strategies necessary to meet this demand.
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  3. In recent years a new role has emerged in a growing number of businesses: that of the chief e(X)perience officer (CXO). Their main responsibility? To create customer-centric strategies which help companies to deliver an exceptional customer experience.
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