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  1. The blend between our virtual existence and the physical world has become a normal part of our lives. We are living life through a screen already, so the jump into virtual reality (VR) is not as large a leap as one would expect.
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  2. Content is king. We live in the age of information overload and there’s literally consumable information seconds away from us each and every second of each and every day. Before Medium, I never really considered the implications of this information overload. Not once did I stop to consider the importance of how people communicate their messages but only focused on how I could make people listen to me. Not surprisingly my messages were being lost in the crowd.
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  3. Adapting your business model to stay one step ahead of your competitors is an ongoing challenge for many publishers; audience, content, new industry products, technologies, advertising and revenue models, these and more are fundamental when keeping a business’s plan up to date.

    But how exactly do media publishers shape their strategy to cater for the ever-changing audience needs?
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  4. Considering it takes the average tech buyer nearly four to six months to make an online purchase and nearly three to four of those months consist of self-educating, inbound marketing is a very popular marketing method among technology companies.
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