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  1. User interface: the point of entry to a knowledge base that provides navigation, search, communication, help, news, site index, site map, and links to all tools

    To make it easy for users to access the people, process, and technology components offered by your KM program, provide an intranet or portal site with obvious links to the available resources. Allow users to quickly navigate to the appropriate sites based on their role, business process stage, and current requirements.

    The principles of good usability should be incorporated into the user interface. Here are some specific suggestions for doing so.
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  2. Here are 5 lessons for improving UX that brands and marketers can borrow from the UI of popular social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
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  3. Consumers today have the power to book a room across the country, hail a ride to anywhere they want to go, or order nearly any product or service to be delivered to their doorstep – and all of this can be accomplished with just a couple of taps on a smartphone or tablet. In this digitally optimized environment, there’s no longer any room for credit unions to serve up suboptimal user experience via the digital channels offered to members.

    That’s because now, and most certainly into the future, digital is the branch. A superior member experience means a superior digital experience – there’s no getting around it. In fact, an online survey facilitated by The Harris Poll on behalf of D3 Banking Technology found that 32 percent of those who have used digital banking in the past 12 months would be willing to leave their current banking relationship for one with an easier digital experience. When credit unions leverage legacy, siloed technology – which many still do – they often can’t provide the features, functionality and user interface that members today expect.
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  4. When it comes to website and app design, user interface (UI) is king. After all, your users see the UI first and they will continue to interact with it on a regular basis. Website users value the user interface so much, a typical visitor will form an opinion about your website within 50 milliseconds — and you can guarantee that level of expectation translates to apps, too.
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  5. The possibilities that are coming to light with every new technology are beyond what we could have ever thought of. The technology of Voice User Interface is the current trend that is taking the market by a storm. It is not only indulging us in using smart devices more but is becoming a part of our daily lives entirely.

    There are a lot of things inculcated in the concept of VUI. In this blog, we have covered every aspect of Voice User Interface, its opportunities and the challenges that come with it!
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  6. Increased ownership of personal mobile devices and unfettered Internet access has given rise to a new breed of consumers - arguably some of the most informed yet impatient in history.

    Businesses seeking to meaningfully engage audiences and elevate themselves from the constant chatter of 24/7 news feeds and notification cycles have increasingly found themselves engaging and exploring the applications of User Experience (UX) design to enhance business growth. UX refers to a person's experience with a digital product or service.

    Some hard-won bits of wisdom private investment platform Fundnel has learnt from experience include....
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  7. One of the most important digital marketing tools for any company is a clean, well-designed website. This is especially true for e-commerce businesses: Your website is where business happens, so it's imperative to offer an excellent user experience.

    With a few simple user interface tweaks, you can turn your brand's site into a well-oiled online store with maximum conversions. We asked a panel of Forbes Communications Council members for their best UI recommendations for e-commerce businesses. Here's what they had to say.
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  8. We are living in an era where everything is changing rapidly. Our current tools will be outnumbered by many other excellent ones in the next few decades. We do not have precise sensors or clever voice assistants yet, but they certainly will be in our lives in the future. We are sensing many things are changing, but we don’t know the manners yet. Some people will invent new disruptive ways of communication and interaction. New interfaces will be born out of these new interactions.

    Some people among us define the future by crossing the lines. They can see from totally different angles and match the right interfaces with the right controls. Some options are already at the table: voice, sensors, or maybe mind. We don’t know the exact solutions yet, but designers should be prepared for the future to think about how to design interfaces for tomorrow’s human-computer interaction.
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  9. UX has been a buzzword that bounces around the design world, endorsed and adopted by designers anddevelopers. In many cases, highly respected developers who claim to be talking about ”UX” in a product demonstration are in fact showing a large number of UI features. I doubt much that the vague definition may account for this kind of misunderstanding. We’ve heard of UI (User interface) and UX (User Experience). When you build an App or a website with Mockplus, we will talk to you about both. If UX is not UI, What is the exact difference?
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  10. When a small-to-mid-sized business first implements a new technology, it’s often only one person inside the company who owns the entire product. In the early ’90s when the web was in its infancy, my role included everything from copywriting to graphic design, coding, and basically everything that was needed to create a website. There wasn’t nearly the same focus or variety of roles working on the web as exists today, so I was the only one who knew how to do it.
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