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  1. Technology occupies a majority of our time nowadays, and while we are integrating more and more devices into our daily lives, companies are working toward providing a seamless experience to their customers through their multiple devices.

    Customer behavior is now driving initiatives of marketing, sales and technology. While some companies are focusing on a desktop, mobile or Apple Watch experience, a true omnichannel strategy looks toward a holistic approach to this problem. Instead of focusing on multichannel growth, one should focus on providing a seamless experience in-store or online. The focus should be on bridging the gap between the real-life experience and the online experience.
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  2. In today’s digital economy, users expect companies to offer a cohesive omnichannel brand experience where every interaction is seamless, instant and personalized. This goes beyond just delivering the right content at the right time. It relies on the technical infrastructure to be able to connect personal data and touch points, building a unified customer experience from the ground up.
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  3. Companies like Nike have realized that they’re no longer just making and marketing products; they’re really in the business of crafting user experiences.

    As Dan Maccarone, CEO and co-founder of product design firm Charming Robot, puts it, “The experience is the brand.”

    In an omnichannel world, the user experience starts long before customers put their hands on the product or download the app. It encompasses everything from advertising and website design to social media, retail displays, packaging, the Muzak that’s playing as shoppers enter the store, the help they receive from a salesperson or a chatbot and the subject line on the emailed receipt.
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  4. The terms ‘customer experience’ and ‘customer centric’ have been around for some time. These terms are now referred to in shorthand as CX. But now a new term is emerging: HX, the ‘human experience’.

    But what does this mean? Aren’t they the same thing? In commerce, customer experience (CX) is the product of an interaction between an organisation and a customer over the duration of their relationship. Basically, it’s the steps involved and how a customer experiences their buying and customer service journey with any organisation and its people — for good or for bad.
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  5. “We want to give our customers all the tools they need to reach their goals on our online platforms. Be it from tracking their orders to ordering their preferred sneakers, their expectations need to be met online. Therefore we’re focusing heavily on providing self-service and online assistance when and where our customers need it. The customer should have multiple options to find answers to what they’re looking for.”
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  6. Mobile, and increasingly apps, are core to the success of any retailer's strategy through all stages of the path to purchase or shopping customer's experience, from initial research through to completing their purchase.

    Year on year, app store trends have seen sustained a growth in shopping apps. This has created awareness amongst retailers that a mobile presence is imperative, however, what can marketers do to ensure that the mobile consumer acquired stays loyal to the channel?

    Here are top 5 key areas to always consider:
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  7. In today’s omni-channel world, consumers shop using multiple devices, touchpoints, and channels, ultimately choosing their own preferred path to purchase.

    A typical digital journey today could start with a consumer researching a purchase on their smartphone, then continuing later on a laptop or tablet. They might visit your site after engaging with your search ad and ask your chatbot some initial questions. They might call your business a few days later after getting one of your emails and finalize their purchase in person at your closest brick-and-mortar location.
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  8. In financial services, the term, “omnichannel,” is too often limited to the perspective of the retail experience. Does the consumer see a consistent experience every time they use a bank or retailers various channels – online, in person or on a mobile app.

    However, omnichannel in payments extends beyond a consistent user experience. True payments omnichannel also requires the backend process to be streamlined so that every payment option used is processed, protected and reconciled in the same fashion. It should not matter whether the payment is made via a mobile device or an EMV-enabled chip, payments providers are wasting time and money by patching together disparate solutions to handle every different payment source.

    In order to provide a streamlined approach to payments, payments processors need to start from the ground up. Here are three key areas to focus on when building an omnichannel approach to payments:
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  9. "So how do you design experiences that enable users to complete tasks whenever, wherever? This is where omnichannel user experience takes center stage. Omnichannel UX not only allows users to connect to brands across multiple channels, it also enables them to act on their product or service triggers and makes each interaction more intuitive and effortless.

    Today’s post looks at what we really mean by omnichannel UX, why your brand needs it and how you can design an omnichannel experience that puts users at the center of your design with Justinmind."
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  10. Keeping up with technology is a priority for grocers, with omnichannel initiatives leading the way.
    According to Progressive Grocer’s 85th annual industry survey, nearly three-fourths of respondents plan to increase their tech spending in 2018.

    Technology has jumped to the third most pressing concern for grocers, trailing only labor issues and competitive threats. Last year, grocers ranked technology ninth on Progressive Grocer’s annual survey.
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