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  1. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an unstoppable force. As noted by Martech Today, AI is already "here and now," and three-quarters (registration required) of companies that are using AI see improved revenue. The technology continues to make significant advances in both predictive capability and intelligent decision making — organizations are excited about the prospect of merging AI with existing people and processes to boost overall business outcomes.

    What AI enthusiasts don’t want to talk about? The immovable objective to its unstoppable force: employee experience.
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  2. Today, web-development focuses on enhancing user experience. From small, medium to large enterprises, everyone is keen to leverage the Artificial Intelligence’s power for offering better personalization and boosting his or her web-experience.

    Let’s have a look at how Artificial Intelligence is transforming the web-development to enhance user experience:
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  3. Your smartphone is about to get smarter, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). And that has huge implications for enterprise support for mobility.

    Enterprise mobility has long promised to allow workers to be productive wherever they are, to speed up business processes and to improve accuracy and efficiency by putting the most up-to-date data in the hands of workers in the field, says Kevin Burden, vice president of mobility research and data strategy at 451 Research. The addition of AI will help deliver on those promises, he says.
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  4. The Internet has completely transformed since its evolution, and so has the web development. Websites with standard text pages, few pictures, and font variation are the tales of the old days. Today, the advancement of web technologies has enabled the web development to include images and audiovisual content for delivering another level of user-experience than just information.

    Moreover, Gartner has predicted that by 2020, enterprises will manage 85% of their relationship with customers without any human interaction. Therefore, it implies that Artificial Intelligence will enable customers to interact effectively. As part of this, machines will simulate the human intelligence processes involving the learning, reasoning, and self-correction.
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  5. While a data-based world allows us to build services and products, it also requires complicated processes of acquisition that can be tedious if not overwhelming. This is why businesses are increasingly implementing artificial intelligence to simplify their data-based services. Here’s how 5 brands are turning to chatbots and voice programs to allow users to easily input information and receive personalized instructions for complex or unfamiliar processes, resulting in a customer onboarding journey with minimal friction.
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  6. Every time I sign into any social media platform, someone has an opinion on the future of voice. It’s either the future we all deserve from the technology at our fingertips or it’s another passing fad that will come and go. The overwhelming conversation is the issue with the user experience around voice. How it’s too public, too confusing, too nuanced, a general feeling that people will not take to it. It’s too futuristic and intimidating for the average person to interact with regularly. All of those points might very well be true, but I take issue with the reason behind why we accept that.

    Throughout the digital evolution, we have pointed to a myriad of technologies that would “never be adopted” for whatever reasoning at the time. The fact is that at every turn, there have been challenges with the UX because humans are, by condition, bad at change. The thing that overcomes those challenges is function, which is the real issue right now in voice.
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  7. Since digitization, prospective customers of a company or brand have better access to social media and online content and therefore good opinions from existing customers can sway their opinions and in turn affect sales. Today, customer experience has become imperative to scale business growth in a competitive economy. As of now, companies are heavily investing in technologies such as conversational chatbot, use of virtual reality in retail, machine learning to process customer feedback to tailor their strategies.
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  8. Imagine that in today’s world we only had two types of cars, Ford and Chevy. All the Ford cars only work on Ford roads, and all the Chevy cars only work on Chevy roads. If you want to open a business, you have to build one for each type of road. That’s pretty much what our current smartphone app ecosystem is like right now, and it really makes no sense. Hopefully, things won’t stay like this for much longer.
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  9. orget the nightmare of cropping your photos so they look good on Twitter. The platform is now using AI to always show the best parts of your photos.

    Here is a great example of what AI and machine learning should really be about: bringing a solution to things that can ruin the user experience, like badly cropped images on Twitter.
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  10. Ozzie Goldschmied, CTO at Ceridian discusses best practices for improving user experience across all employee and business touchpoints. He shares solutions for managing complex workforce scheduling and pay requirements which are key challenges for just about any organization today. Ozzie leads the design and development of Dayforce HCM, the award-winning single application for human capital management and is focused on best practices, excellence, and innovation in product delivery.
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