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  1. In today’s world of automation, IoT (Internet of Things) concept is gaining ground swiftly among the industries. Be it a smart home, smart workplace, or a smart city, IoT has started strengthening its presence everywhere. A report has revealed that around 31 billion connected devices will be available globally by 2020. We can expect that all major industry sectors will leverage the benefits of this thriving technology soon.

    Interestingly, people want to control the connected devices on the move by using fingertips, and this requirement gives a boost to IoT penetration in mobile application development. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that IoT is all set to drive the future of custom mobile app solutions. Here we mention eight factors through which the IoT technology will revolutionize the app development domain.
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  2. This column talks about using the tools of the day to build and deliver an Awesome UX.
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  3. Yeah, IoT is reaching out to every tech horizon, promising a smart, internet-connected network of devices that vigorously collect user data and ‘intelligently’ acts upon it. Startups to enterprises are investing big in IoT applications and products to get a piece of the profit. Why? Because, the IoT market is expected to touch a gigantic worth of $267 billion by 2020, comprising 25 billion devices. Can we just a take a moment to realize how big the network is going to be?

    Call it a technology, network or a platform, it is letting people control and manage operations at their fingertips. So, before we move any further…Let’s Us First Decode The Fuss About IoT – The Internet Of Things And Its Status
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  4. Designing a great user experience for IoT products is easier said than done. Building intuitive user experience for one new app alone is a challenge, whereas IoT systems often consist of a couple of devices, a number of applications and interfaces with diverse functionality, input-output data streams and user rights distribution. Designing user experience for something so complex is an entirely other level of difficulty. Here’s why...
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  5. One word summarizes the challenge of securing the Internet of Things (IoT): scale.

    It’s actually a two-fold challenge. The first issue is the sheer number of IoT devices connected to the internet -- a total that continues to grow every year. Gartner estimates that number will reach 26 billion by 2020. Secondly, how can device manufacturers and security providers possibly scale the process of identifying and authenticating each and every one of those devices?
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  6. Even if you’re not much interested in the latest gadgetry, the massive CES (formerly Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas is worth observing — preferably from afar — for the overarching zeitgeist and emerging trends in IoT, smart home and consumer tech generally.
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  7. Parks Associates today released research showing 54% of U.S. broadband households see little value in return for sharing their data. In addition, 42% do not trust companies will be able to keep their data safe. The research firm hosts the 12th-annual CONNECTIONS™ Summit: IoT and the Smart Home, January 9 at CES® 2018 in Las Vegas, to discuss strategies to flip these perceptions and make consumers more at ease with connected products and the value they receive.
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