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  1. Website Intercept Surveys are an ideal solution for many businesses. Not only do they have high response rates, but they are also effective in giving your business the necessary insights to improve website usability and customer satisfaction as well as achieve long-term goals such as customer retention. However, creating and employing website intercept surveys isn’t always a straightforward process. Some teams require a little extra guidance in constructing these surveys. That is why we’ve created this clear cut overview of the best website intercept survey templates to help get you started.
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  2. Many times in designing and developing the user experience (UX) related to systems and services, something gets left out of the equation: the user. In a recent tweet, Jason Williams, expressed the need to rectify this so well:"You can't start with the technology and then develop the customer experience (UX).You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology."
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  3. The global network test and measurement market is a multi-billion dollar industry and plays a key role in the development of new products and technologies and drives ongoing improvements to mobile quality and customer experience. As the world becomes increasingly mobile, testing and measuring mobile network performance has taken centre-stage and the industry has come a long way since the old ways of manually ‘road-testing’.
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  4. With customer experience top of mind with forward thinking organizations, it's no surprise that user experience designers are in demand. In fact, survey data from Adobe on demand for user exerpience designers in February 2017 revelaed that, "Eighty-seven percent of managers said hiring more UX designers is the top priority for their organization: higher than graphic designers (76%) and product managers (74%), and tied with software engineers for top spot." "The demand for UX designers is still there. Just one look at Indeed’s job posting for UX designers speaks volumes, "said Cisco Guzman, director of product management at Adobe XD.
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  5. The terms ‘customer experience’ and ‘customer centric’ have been around for some time. These terms are now referred to in shorthand as CX. But now a new term is emerging: HX, the ‘human experience’.

    But what does this mean? Aren’t they the same thing? In commerce, customer experience (CX) is the product of an interaction between an organisation and a customer over the duration of their relationship. Basically, it’s the steps involved and how a customer experiences their buying and customer service journey with any organisation and its people — for good or for bad.
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  6. Customer experience is everything a customer appreciates about a brand, whether that's a quality product, short lines or a friendly cashier, says Arihant Jain, head of business for MEA at Freshworks.
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  7. In recent years a new role has emerged in a growing number of businesses: that of the chief e(X)perience officer (CXO). Their main responsibility? To create customer-centric strategies which help companies to deliver an exceptional customer experience.
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  8. Technology and innovation are changing the commerce landscape. Businesses can either evolve or face disruption due to mediocrity.

    Today, technology shapes every aspect of our lives – communication, commerce, education, and the list goes on. This revolution has disrupted industries as a whole, challenging established practices and beliefs. One of these disruptions is commerce through brick-and-mortar establishments. You can do so much more using technology than by relying on the traditional in-store experience.

    As a business owner, you should realize now that competition is not the store next door. It might be an amazing e-commerce website or a distributor in Thailand with an active social media page. To build a storefront of the future, you need to digitize the way you do business. That means investing in systems that help you build a modern storefront that is open to any and all customers, online or offline. Let's take a walk through next-gen retail tech that might reshape your business in the years to come.
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  9. E-commerce business models are undergoing a dramatic shift. Initially businesses relied on consumers to do the 'heavy lifting' to discover the product and to make the purchase decision. The vendor's role was to ensure that the product was discoverable and — most importantly — available at the geographic location where the transaction potentially would take place.

    But the new e-commerce business model is optimized by driving the consumer to subscribe to 'an experience.' Think of Spotify or Apple Music, for example. The customer purchases access to a seemingly endless supply of music and tools that ensure their experience is maximized. The focus of the experience moves from a 'warehouse experience' to more of a concierge, personalized and curated experience. The consumer has already purchased, and so the emphasis is placed on ensuring that they stay engaged and active. Most importantly, the service makes recommendations and learns what the consumer likes, making the discovery of music a delight. In this model the better the tools engage the customers the better the company will prosper.
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  10. While digital performance is deemed critical, and successful digital strategies can have a meaningful impact on the business, there is a significant digital performance gap that exists today, impacting the customer experience, diminishing productivity and pushing out deadlines.
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