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  1. No matter what services your company provides or what communication platforms you use, customer experience (CX) needs to be at the core of everything you do. With all the tools that are available to help brands engage with their customers -- from social media to artificial intelligence-based resources like product recommendations and chatbots -- there are more opportunities than ever to create powerful customer experiences that build loyalty and drive sales.

    But these tools aren’t going to use themselves, nor will a CX-focused culture spontaneously arise on its own. Brands need to make CX a priority at every level, from the first moment a consumer decides to explore their products online to the final step of the customer journey to the ongoing relationship that may last for years or even decades.
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  2. A 360-degree customer journey is a set of ideas and methods meant to take you from vague promises of being “customer-centric” to a concrete process for measurably offering more value to customers. By better understanding individuals and groups of customers, you’ll find ways to make your products more useful and smooth out the buying process, building an engaged audience for your brand along the way.
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  3. Recently, a lot of trending customer journey analysis around user experience, marketing and technology, is attempting to take humans and their cost out of consideration, replacing them with technology and automation. But what are we pursuing with such an effort?

    Apart from optimisation and efficiency, are we pursuing the anticipation of emotions or feelings in a given circumstance and expecting technology and automation to take care of it? Interestingly, most successful brand stories are about human beings who have gone out of their way to help customers.

    One reason for that is “help” between brands and customers is based on empathy rather than just solutions. So, it is paradoxical to find a lot of content surrounding AI focused on making contact “more human” and more “naturally conversational”. With that said, are we expecting AI to drive customer-brand relationships rather than solutions?
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  4. "In this three-part series, Wirecard discusses global trends in e- and m-commerce and offers ideas and tips for leveraging those trends – AI, the Internet of Things, and more – to scale your business and provide a truly 21-century customer service experience that consumers worldwide are coming to expect. In Part 1, we looked at some innovations that will be key to answering consumers’ demand for speedy payments. In Part 2, we presented ways to leverage the entire customer journey to present payment opportunities and strengthen relationships.

    In Part 3, we provide tips on optimizing UX (user experience) for diverse global markets and processing payments within a framework that has to accommodate numerous currencies and regulations. "
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  5. Technology and innovation are changing the commerce landscape. Businesses can either evolve or face disruption due to mediocrity.

    Today, technology shapes every aspect of our lives – communication, commerce, education, and the list goes on. This revolution has disrupted industries as a whole, challenging established practices and beliefs. One of these disruptions is commerce through brick-and-mortar establishments. You can do so much more using technology than by relying on the traditional in-store experience.

    As a business owner, you should realize now that competition is not the store next door. It might be an amazing e-commerce website or a distributor in Thailand with an active social media page. To build a storefront of the future, you need to digitize the way you do business. That means investing in systems that help you build a modern storefront that is open to any and all customers, online or offline. Let's take a walk through next-gen retail tech that might reshape your business in the years to come.
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  6. Many businesses put a lot of effort into creating effective website designs.

    They try to build sites filled with intuitive navigation, strong branding and clear customer journeys. But while investing in a functional and beautiful website is necessary, some digital destinations forget one small web page whose appearance can have an impact on their conversion rates: the 404 error page.
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  7. Admit it. We as consumers are a demanding bunch. We have high expectations of the brands around us – whether that’s simply knowing our preferences, tailoring our online journeys, individualizing communications, or providing quick and hassle-free customer support. Put simply, we want to be the apple of every business’ eye. If things don’t go our way, well….it won’t be long before we’re off looking for an alternative that will meet our expectations. This logic is precisely why personalization efforts are so critical to the success of businesses – especially in the digital era.

    Being able to provide these personalized experiences, however, has proven to be a real challenge among many digital marketers who are still in the process of adjusting to this growing trend. In fact, almost 60% of marketers claim that they struggle to personalize content (in real-time); an occurrence which is often attributed to the company’s inability to gain customer insights quickly enough and apply them. One way of removing this hurdle and gathering the necessary information for personalizing is by collecting customer feedback.

    Let’s take a closer look at how customer feedback data drives the three ‘breeds’ of personalization.
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  8. " User Experience certainly seems like one of those “nice to have” things. Who wouldn’t want their users to have a “delightful” time? Who wouldn’t want to be “empathetic” to their needs?

    I know you think about your users in the website revision meetings! I’ve listened to you try and put yourself in the customer’s shoes in the feature development discussion!

    I also know that you are up to your eyeballs busy every day getting a website up and running and due yesterday that creates value for the company. Value that was created by reaching KPIs such as increased sales and leads, all the while trying to keep costs such as development time down.

    That’s why I am here to tell you, if done correctly, that’s exactly what User Experience does."
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  9. In customer experience (CX), mobile is becoming everything. But, mobile success requires a lot more than just having an app or mobile site.

    With over 40% of online transactions and growing, mobile is eating the world day by day. When a customer sets out to learn and make a decision, the smartphone is the gateway to discovery.

    Smartphones, popular apps and on-demand services push consumer behaviors in new, disruptive directions. As a result, customers are introduced to direct and even unorthodox ways to discover relevant information, insights and desired outcomes.
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  10. With the convergence of context, channels, content, and commerce; friction at different stages of the customer journey is considered the worst enemy of customer experience (CX). Regardless of the industry or area, your business operates in; this has resulted in an ongoing debate in experience economy on how to make great products and deliver exceptional services as it is an opportunity to create a lasting and meaningful experience for digital-savvy customers. So one of the items rising as a top priority of CX agenda is to provide a seamless and frictionless experience across all channels.
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