Stand Out From the Crowd With a Next-Gen Customer Experience

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  1. Technology and innovation are changing the commerce landscape. Businesses can either evolve or face disruption due to mediocrity. Today, technology shapes every aspect of our lives communication, commerce, education, and the list goes on. This revolution has disrupted industries as a whole, challenging established practices and beliefs. One of these disruptions is commerce through brick-and-mortar establishments. You can do so much more using technology than by relying on the traditional in-store experience. As a business owner, you should realize now that competition is not the store next door. It might be an amazing e-commerce website or a distributor in Thailand with an active social media page. To build a storefront of the future, you need to digitize the way you do business. That means investing in systems that help you build a modern storefront that is open to any and all customers, online or offline. Let's take a walk through next-gen retail tech that might reshape your business in the years to come.
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Mopinion is a proud sponsor of User Experience News. The voice of the online user is taking on an increasingly important role when it comes to improving websites and apps. So web analysts and digital marketeers are making more and more use of User Experience Tools in order to collect experience from the user. Mopinion takes it one step further and offers a solution to analyse and visualise User Experience results from your websites and apps wherever you need them. The real challenge for companies is not about capturing experience, it is about how to make sense of the data.