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  1. About six months ago, I left Facebook cold turkey. I had tried leaving it before, but always ended up going back. It wasn’t the not‑so‑subtle hints or wanting to see the pictures of all my friends—or at least people with whom I’d connected on Facebook—that drove me back, but fear of missing out (FOMO). What if something happened to someone, and I wasn’t aware of it? What if I thought of a witty one-liner and couldn’t share it immediately with a group of people, then bask in the adulation they would inevitably provide in response to my genius? What about that important political opinion about Trump or Brexit that I’d need to share among my fellow right‑thinking people?
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  2. Interested in Digital Design? From building apps and websites, to User Experience and 3D printing, this course overview will give you some insight into the life of a Digital Design student at JMC Academy!
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  3. Are you one of those organisations who lack a strategy for making the best use of digital tools to support users? Have the digital services you offer evolved rather than been systematically implemented? It is time to stop letting digital just happen and take control.
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  4. The digital asset site ShapeShift is in my view one of the greatest innovations in the nascent world of crypto. But frankly, in my opinion, the user experience on this online site is evolving into one hot mess.
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  5. What is user experience? How does it affect SEO? What do I need to know?

    We have all the answers and explain why you need to focus on both SEO and UX if you want your website to be a success. We also provide a lot of actionable advice… so dive straight in!

    With search engines getting smarter thanks to the increasing usage of machine learning, old SEO tactics are thankfully being rendered useless.

    While before, a few keywords stuffed throughout the content was sufficient to get noticed by a search engine, it’s no longer the case. More relevant factors are now being taken into account to judge the quality of a website.
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  6. Many designers have strong opinions about the use of sliders and slider controls in website design. Some love them; others hate them. A poorly-timed carousel or automated gallery slider can distract users from more critical site aspects. On the other hand, a manual slider allows mobile and website users to navigate through a range of content features or options quickly. Explore sliders and slider controls and find out when they are most useful in web design.
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  7. The goal of User Experience design (UXD) is to improve the overall experience a user has with a product.

    UXD involves a variety of activities — user research, persona mapping, information architecture, wireframing, interaction design, prototyping, testing to name a few. It involves every aspect of how someone interacts with any product or digital platform. For example, information architecture determines how a website or app is structured; interaction design deals with what interface is being used, and how users navigate through the product; while a website’s or app’s usability determines how functional and user-friendly the product is. You can check more on this where we have explained in detail the Common UX Mistakes to avoid.
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  8. What man wouldn’t want to wear a pink bunny onesie?

    You know! The kind 9-year-old Ralphie got from his aunt in ‘A Christmas Story,’ and then — mortified — had to don for the family.

    Kohl’s sells them in its men’s section, along with Chewbacca, Elf, gorilla and shark onesies, and other white elephant specials.

    Making shopping fun and an experience instead of a chore is part of brick-and-mortar retail’s answer to the rise of online shopping, said Barbara Kahn, professor of marketing, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
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  9. In NYC, smart city initiatives are all about the area's citizens, residents and tourists, with user experience a key consideration for success.

    Across the city's five boroughs, New York agencies are exploring innovative approaches to building a smarter, more equitable and responsive city. The objective is to make New York City the most innovative and tech-friendly city in the world.
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  10. User experience (UX) is arguably the most important component of a website or app.

    Nielsen Norman Group explains that it impacts every single element, and factors in heavily to a user’s perception of a brand.
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