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  1. All UXers know the importance of building a rapport with your research participants. Whilst yes, you’re there to observe, document and analyse in a ‘scientific’ setting, if your participants don’t feel comfortable, they won’t speak or act as freely, or as naturally, as required for you to gain the insights you’re looking for.
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  2. There is no doubt about it, UX is a hot topic. Some say it is design thinking, others call it user-centered design. But no matter how you describe it, UX will be a major force going forward.

    The tech world has previously been all about software engineering and what code could do. But now, coding is becoming increasingly commoditized. It is the consumer interface of the technology that matters most, and that makes sense. The face dictates the brand experience, customer acceptance and ease-of-use. It influences support costs and directly impacts sales...
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  3. Are you one of those organisations who lack a strategy for making the best use of digital tools to support users? Have the digital services you offer evolved rather than been systematically implemented? It is time to stop letting digital just happen and take control.
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