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  1. Design thinking is widely viewed as the best approach to generating and testing new ideas, new user experiences and new opportunities because it starts with a hypothesis, not requirements – it’s a methodology that anticipates, and even creates, the future says, Sunil Karkera, Global Head, TCS Interactive at Tata Consultancy Services

    The first half century of information technology in the business world — say, from the early days of mainframe computing to the beginning of the Internet — can be characterized as a quest for greater efficiency and optimization. Meaning, the application of technology to processes to do things “better.”

    For the most past, we’ve achieved that. And today, efficiency and optimization have given way to business growth enablement, value creation, transformation and speed.
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  2. User Experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products. As User Experience (UX) expands beyond software navigation and app interaction, the effects of UX on a variety of industries are increasingly apparent. Understanding user experience and the use of methodologies like Design Thinking have resulted in innovative approaches to the most basic and significant of human activities. Many argue that the right UX can improve our quality of life, but can it actually save lives?
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  3. One of the most important steps in the Design Thinking process that is often employed as standard practice in UX design is to define the users’ problems. This means being able to clearly identify and articulate problems in the user experience so that you can later begin the process of ideating (i.e., generating great ideas on how to solve them). Task Analysis is a simple exercise that UX designers can undertake during the definition of a problem, which can help not just in identifying where opportunities to improve the user experience exist but also to generate some preliminary ideas as to how you might approach these challenges. Let’s find out how.
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  4. As a UX designer, we design digital products that people interact with. When we designing these products, we spend a lot of time on different research to understand the behavior, habits, and needs of our users. However, there is a couple of general patterns that characteristic of all people. To be consciously used, we need to understand the process of human cognition.
    The purpose of this article is to understand the concept, function and types of visual attention and to use this knowledge in everyday product design.
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