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  1. Balancing digital advertising with a delightful user experience remains a conundrum for advertisers and publishers . With these best practices in mind, not only would the programmatic adtech ecosystem become more efficient, we could perhaps begin to hope for something as audacious as ads that enhance the UX!
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  2. Your smartphone is about to get smarter, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). And that has huge implications for enterprise support for mobility.

    Enterprise mobility has long promised to allow workers to be productive wherever they are, to speed up business processes and to improve accuracy and efficiency by putting the most up-to-date data in the hands of workers in the field, says Kevin Burden, vice president of mobility research and data strategy at 451 Research. The addition of AI will help deliver on those promises, he says.
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  3. The Internet has completely transformed since its evolution, and so has the web development. Websites with standard text pages, few pictures, and font variation are the tales of the old days. Today, the advancement of web technologies has enabled the web development to include images and audiovisual content for delivering another level of user-experience than just information.

    Moreover, Gartner has predicted that by 2020, enterprises will manage 85% of their relationship with customers without any human interaction. Therefore, it implies that Artificial Intelligence will enable customers to interact effectively. As part of this, machines will simulate the human intelligence processes involving the learning, reasoning, and self-correction.
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  4. One of the biggest issues that SaaS businesses face is keeping consumers engaged long-term. To ensure that your users don't drop off after their first visit or during the initial few days, you need to optimize your SaaS user experience.
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  5. Content is not the only part of user experience. Everything and everyone is responsible for that. But because content, in my experience, is often seen as “just add the words later”, this poster is really important. It’s over the top, so that it draws people’s attention and makes them stop and think.
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  6. This article accepts a simple, obvious, and often forgotten premise: software continues to become more complex. Back in the mainframe days, manual code review was possible. That was a combination both simpler code being developed and slower change cycles. Advanced in hardware, software and user experience (UX) have massively increased both the volume and complexity of code. The web, smartphones, and other technology have both meant far more people using technology and causes a service oriented change to work to provide software updates faster.
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  7. A new report from performance marketing agency Roast and ad platform Teads tested whether the costs of user data targeting and of complying with GDPR are worth it.
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  8. So the first priority is to attract as many users as possible, which today’s online giants did by creating a great “user experience”. Google, for instance, won out against Alta Vista, the leading search engine in the late 1990s, because its interface was cleaner, searches came up more quickly and the results were more accurate. Once such advantages have been established, they start up all kinds of flywheels. The service attracts users, which attracts suppliers of content (in Google’s case, websites that want to be listed in its index), which in turn improves the user experience, and so on. Similarly, the more people use Google’s search service, the more data it will collect, which helps to make the results more relevant.
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  9. Having a quality user experience can be critical to the success of a business. But many marketers often underestimate the role that website performance plays in the user experience.

    Nowhere is this truer than on mobile, where a slow-loading or poor-performing webpage can lose a user’s attention and interest within seconds.

    Unlike desktop websites, mobile websites are typically accessed on the go, and in situations where people don’t have a lot of time or inclination to sit around waiting for a website to load.
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  10. More shopping on mobile amplifies a persistent problem for online retailers. Growing cart abandonment. Research from Barilliance, an eCommerce personalization tools developer, illuminates the challenge.
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