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  1. In any given month, I’ll see dozens of questions asking how, as a growing designer, to best move from UX theory into UX practice. This is an especially daunting milestone when you haven’t done it yet, one faced by every single student of UX. It isn’t just an academic question though. There is also an enormous group of UX Designers who are still new to the field. Have you been working at a company as the only designer, without a real mentor, and getting mixed results? This article series is a love letter to your career.
    Tags: , , by tjeerdtraats (2018-01-05)
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  2. You’ve probably heard the oft-repeated jargon “UX”, you may even know that it stands for “User Experience”– but do you understand what it really means?
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  3. Imagine a website with buttons for actions, text fields for data entry, lots of hero images for eye candy. But there are no labels for text fields. Images are blurred out. No calls to action for button labels. Visitors don’t know what to enter. Visitors don’t know why they need to click. Images have no captions. Everything is floating in a context-less glob.
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  4. Our expert commentators have already discussed what they made of 2017, so what do they expect and hope for next year?

    Let's find out...
    Tags: , by tjeerdtraats (2017-12-11)
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  5. In the cluttered world of apps and websites, design can often help your brand stand out. If you can manage to deliver a pleasing experience to users, they are more likely to come back to you. In order to deliver that kind of experience, it is important to understand what resonates with them.

    To help you make important design decisions in 2018, here is a list of the top UX trends of 2017.
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  6. What is the best way to build a fantastic user experience in the shortest amount of time?

    You could ask a hundred UX designers and not get the same answer. While there are methods to guide you to success in design, there is no formula that promises a good solution.

    When you are working on a new product, speed is very often an important factor. Investors or stakeholders want to break even or become profitable, as quickly as possible to stop the bleeding of money on a new project.

    Many software and web development teams utilise the Agile process as their project management framework of choice to accommodate this quick speed.
    Tags: , , , by tjeerdtraats (2017-11-17)
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  7. “Should I use Infinite scrolling or Pagination for my content?” Some designers are still refereeing a tug-o-war between the two methods to decide which to implement into their projects. Each of them has their strengths and weaknesses and in this article we’ll overview the two methods and decide which one we should use for our projects.
    Tags: , , by tjeerdtraats (2017-11-17)
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  8. You might have been through this before, If you go to an app and spend your time trying to find what you’re looking for, you’re not likely to stay for long or even come back.

    So how do you create the proverbial “clear, simple, and consistent” navigation?”
    Tags: , , , by tjeerdtraats (2017-12-21)
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  9. The blend between our virtual existence and the physical world has become a normal part of our lives. We are living life through a screen already, so the jump into virtual reality (VR) is not as large a leap as one would expect.
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  10. In practice, functional design always defeats aesthetic design. A web resource with good UX and bad visual design always surpasses, from the marketing point of view, a digital product with a magnificent “look and feel”, but which “rewards” the user with a negative interactive experience.
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