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  1. Imagine a website with buttons for actions, text fields for data entry, lots of hero images for eye candy. But there are no labels for text fields. Images are blurred out. No calls to action for button labels. Visitors don’t know what to enter. Visitors don’t know why they need to click. Images have no captions. Everything is floating in a context-less glob.
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  2. The goal of User Experience design (UXD) is to improve the overall experience a user has with a product.

    UXD involves a variety of activities — user research, persona mapping, information architecture, wireframing, interaction design, prototyping, testing to name a few. It involves every aspect of how someone interacts with any product or digital platform. For example, information architecture determines how a website or app is structured; interaction design deals with what interface is being used, and how users navigate through the product; while a website’s or app’s usability determines how functional and user-friendly the product is. You can check more on this where we have explained in detail the Common UX Mistakes to avoid.
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