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  1. To be or not to be? That is a question which is constantly repeated. People often have to face some choices which are hard to make. Designers’ job is also full of the situations when two solutions seem like right but you need to make a choice and not to stumble. When it happens, a creative team runs tests for both to find out which solution is the best. One of the popular methods is called A/B testing. The article describes the facets of A/B testing methodology and shows how designers apply it for UX improvement.
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  2. Shopping cart abandonment is an occurrence that plagues many retailers and webshops all over the world on a daily basis. By definition, shopping cart abandonment is when a potential customer starts the checkout process for an order online but drops off before completing the purchase. You will probably all agree with me when I say that the thought of the customer getting all the way to the shopping cart only to leave empty-handed is a very troublesome one, which is why it’s important to take action and stop it. While there are many customer experience (CX) solutions that can help avoid this problem, such as user feedback, ad retargeting and email recovery campaigns, there is another area that deserves some attention as well: user experience (UX).
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  3. As of this morning, we are seeing multiple new additions to the Google Hotel Ads mobile user experience. Most notably, we noticed a widespread implementation of the room booking module, a price trend overview, other locations, and a question/answer portion. As with all Google experiments, it will be interesting to see how pervasive this is.

    The room booking module could drive a small degree of traffic away from the conventional meta-search placements. The price trends overview could provide a lot of important information for leisure travelers who can easily adjust their check in/out date. The “other locations” portion could be incredibly valuable for hotels that have high brand loyalty or great loyalty rewards. The questions and answers portion is a great tool for upper funnel consumers that are still in the early stages of their trip planning. Let’s look at these additions in more detail:
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  4. Balancing user experience, privacy and security for the connected consumer is a key challenge for online businesses, according to KuppingerCole.

    A change in approach will help businesses achieve the right balance between user experience, privacy and security more easily, says Martin Kuppinger, principal analyst at KuppingerCole.
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  5. If designed well, conversational user interfaces offer many benefits to end users. Language is the most natural interface humans understand. Therefore, talking to a machine rather than entering specific commands facilitates a more natural user experience. It will take a user less effort to get familiar with an application as there is no need to get used to screens, navigation hierarchies, input fields, and buttons. Thanks to machine learning, applications will learn how to adapt to humans, rather than humans needing to adapt to applications.
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  6. It is no secret that the faster the user’s internet connection is, the faster the website will load. It is a crucial factor in the success of a business, but one that it can not directly control (long live #netneutrality). It is also hard to quantify how connection speeds directly affect user experience, and consequently important business metrics such as bounce rate. In this post, we use Chrome User Experience Report to analyze the impact of internet speed on real-world user experience.
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  7. For a moment, imagine yourself to be Batman. And, you are on your mission to save Gotham! And you need help. Who would you go to?

    Robin. Your sidekick who is always there to help you fight evil or injustice.
    Or if you are Sherlock, Dr. Watson is your man.
    Or in case you want to be Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock is your rock.

    Words play the same role in your life if you are a designer.
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  8. What are the components that make a great user experience?

    These components can be ordered in a hierarchy or pyramid, with the most essential at the foot and the ultimate at the top. Let's examine this hierarchy, which is taken from Econsultancy's Best Practice Guide: User Experience and Interaction Design for Mobile and Web.
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  9. Consumer habits are quickly shifting and more online activity is occurring on-the-go with mobile phones, netbooks, e-readers and tablets as opposed to desktops and laptops. Every device and operating system offers a unique user experience with specific functions, requirements and behaviours.

    The Problem: Many business websites do not provide a smooth user experience on mobile devices. Users need to ‘pinch-and-zoom’ to properly view webpages, webpages are slow to load and site menus are difficult to access.

    Not being accessible on mobile devices results in a loss of local website traffic, mobile leads, and potential profits.
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  10. Are you looking for ways to improve the user experience (UX) of your business website? Want to better understand what your website visitors need from you?

    Digital Marketing Philippines share their guide to UX in this infographic.
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