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  1. In today’s digital world, consumers’ attention span continues to decrease while expectations for online experiences increase. Research conducted by Google indicates that if sites take longer than three to four seconds to load, users are more likely to turn towards the competition. For a lot of marketers, user experience may not be front of mind, but it is now a vital part of their digital marketing strategy. In this piece for ExchangeWire, Maggie McKosky (pictured below), head of user experience & product design, Shutterstock, explains why user experience should go hand in hand with marketing – and not be delegated as a tech problem.
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  2. Most businesses understand that a good online user experience is an important aspect of a customer’s impression of an organization. But what makes a good user experience? Most importantly, how do you know that the investment you are making in your digital properties demonstrates a return on investment for your business?
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  3. India's fast paced modernization has positioned us in the global spotlight. Quick success of new age products and services like Jio, Hotstar, etc. are rewriting the rule book for businesses in the country. Riding on the wave of digitization, corporates in India are faced with a heap of growth opportunities as well as challenges.

    On one hand, companies are seeing tremendous potential for establishing a strong online experience that will take their business to the next level. On the other, they challenged with a range of complexities involved in making their business omnipresent and ensuring that their online experience delivers on the needs of customers and partners alike. In the race to stay competitive and match customer expectations, brands are hastily taking the leap by hopping onto the online bandwagon. And just when these businesses figure out their digital strategies - new experiences emerge, competing for customers' attention.
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