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  1. Winter is coming, which means it’s time cozy up by the fire, grab some hot cocoa and get lost in that book you’ve been meaning to dive into. For UX Designers, this is a good opportunity to catch up on some design-specific reading. There are plenty of resources out there that will give you a deeper understanding of the principles behind UX design as well as some practical tips and tricks you can apply to your website or mobile app. From beginners to senior UX designers, we’ve got UX books out there for all levels of experience.
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  2. "If you want to be more than a punch-clock agency tool, if you are actually passionate about design and user experience, and you want to advance the state of the art, you need to be thinking bigger. UX is about more than heuristics and processes. It encompasses a broad spectrum of knowledge, and the best designers are renaissance (wo)men. Therefore, if you aren’t expanding your horizons beyond the world of UX reading, you’re getting left behind.

    That’s why I’ve compiled this eclectic list of non-UX books that you, the UX designer, should put on your reading list right away. None are specifically about user experience, but each of them has an important lesson to teach you, but only if you have the brain cells to draw the connection. If you’re reading this article, then that probably describes you. Get at it."
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