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  1. The introduction of UX to a company’s workflow is often a straightforward process. There’s a common understanding that you will be delivering improvements to products that will enable better acceptance of those products in the market.

    However, the role of the product manager can often clash with the UX role. Why? Well… they really ought to be the same people. Product managers should be championing and deploying UX already to ensure their own product’s viability. The fact that you’ve been brought on to deliver UX can be threatening for the product manager.

    In some cases this threat is going to end up on the receiving end of outright hostility. In others it’s going to be more that the product manager throws a little spanner in the works at every turn whilst maintaining a reasonable profile. In others still, it’s going to be a case of butting heads over things without rancour but without really incorporating recommendations from the UX colleague. So how do we go about aligning UX work with the product manager so that the relationship works for both parties?
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  2. This article talks about the complex relationship between advertising online and UX and the foreseeable future of the marriage of the two.
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