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  1. Most designers do not have the time - nor skills - to create user-centred copy as their focus is on design. The role of the UX writer, however, is integral to experience design, its personification and subsequent success.

    In this sense, copy is design as it serves the end user in the most optimum way and becomes the ultimate arbitrator of a design’s tone and delivery. Equally, it adds cohesion to design and, as a point of differentiation, sets digital experiences apart. It can truly be the difference between someone purchasing your product or walking away.
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  2. UX writing is not something new, actually it exists for quite some time. In recent years, this skill has become more and more important because companies realise that solely relying on great UX design is not enough, a product needs a better microcopy so that the interface can communicate with its users more effectively. In this article, I am going to show you some UX writing tips. Don’t forget — your microcopy is as important as your visual elements.
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  3. Your brand is much more than your corporate identity or product name. It’s the very front line of your customer experience. Beyond that iconic logo and catchy tagline, your brand derives its power from the sum of those customer experiences: excitement, inspiration, and motivation in the moment drives more sales. While advertising and marketing seek to influence perception, User Experience is for the mother’s milk of a dynamic brand.
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