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  1. According to comScore, seven out of every 10 hours we spend on the web are on mobile devices. All those years of wanting a big screen and now we choose to stare at a screen that’s smaller than most turtles. What the heck is that all about?

    The answers are obvious: ease of use, accessibility and portability. It’s not like it’s convenient to use our laptop computers while we’re in line at Trader Joe’s or at our kid’s softball tournament — between games, of course. The reality is that we have our phones with us all the time and they have become our No. 1 resource for accessing the web.
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  2. The average American adult is expected to spend nearly 3.5 hours per day using a mobile device in 2019. This sheer volume of this mobile use presents limitless opportunities for brands to engage with users and build trust. However, recent surveys indicate that many brands are making key mistakes that limit the effectiveness of their content and discourage brand-user relationships.

    For brands to maximize the return on investment for their collateral, they must bear in mind the specific challenges of mobile devices. By following a few simple guidelines, advertisers can dramatically improve the mobile experience as well as their odds of building a long-term relationship with the end user.
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  3. "People have increasingly higher expectations and demands for better shopping experiences. While we just finished the holiday season when purchasing is at its highest, customers pay attention to their experiences and make buying decisions based on their satisfaction all year round. A key factor in customer experience includes easy access to products and services leveraging mobile apps. The following statistics emphasize my point:"
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  4. According to GSMA Intelligence report, in the year 2017, the number of people connected to mobile phone services surpassed 5 billion globally. Interestingly, a significant percentage of mobile owners are using their mobile phones to search, shop, or browse the internet. Website owners need to optimize their sites for the best mobile user experience. Here are four ways you can optimize your user’s mobile experience.
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