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  1. I get an overwhelming sense of grief and anger when I see the Net Promoter Score (NPS) being used as a beacon of light for companies. I have heard so many people praising the NPS, and using it as a legitimate way to measure customer satisfaction and success of a company.

    In fact, sometimes, it is used as the only way to measure these metrics. But, I really believe, the NPS should not be the basis of making critical decisions.
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  2. Anyone who’s familiar with best practices in design fields knows how important it is to commit time and resources to UX development. How people feel when they use your UI has a significant effect on the actions they take and the opinions they form, which of course affects conversions, profits, and overall business success.
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  3. In the world of user experience (UX) design, where aesthetics are subjective and intuitive reasoning differs from person to person, job candidates for UX positions at companies big and small better come ready to defend their designs… and bring their own questions to challenge the modus operandi of their potential employer.
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  4. For Moorwand, Open Banking has allowed the company to help other FinTechs integrate payments capabilities into their own platforms. Its latest initiative includes a partnership with small business accounting firm Telleroo, which now enables its small business accountant users to make payments on behalf of their SMB clients thanks to a Moorwand integration.

    Traditionally, accountants and their SMBs have to access separate platforms, be it other payment or online banking portals, to initiate payment. API integrations can streamline and consolidate that experience from within the accounting platform, making for a more convenient user experience.
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  5. Trust in a brand means that users are confident about the quality of your products or services, and reassured that if there is something wrong with it, you can be relied to make it right. If this is how customers view your brand, your conversions could be manifold.

    For every digital business, the primary touchpoint for their consumers is the website or the application where brand interactions are created, and opinions are formed. For such businesses, user experience is a crucial part of a customer’s overall brand experience.
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  6. Kyle Cassidy is the user experience design (UXD) chief at Dept, an agency founded as recently as 2016, but which has become one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in Europe through acquisitions.

    Cassidy gives us a particularly revealing insight into the world of UXD in agencyland, from the skills required, to the bittersweet feeling of releasing your product into the wild.
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  7. “CommoditAg brings together the efficiency of the latest technology and e-commerce capabilities with its deep-rooted agriculture knowledge to provide our customers with online convenience and top-notch customer experience, as well as the best value,” said John Demerly, CEO, CommoditAg. “Our robust new platform offers broad purchasing power and an extensive, progressive retail network of warehouses to create competitive pricing and unmatched reliability.”
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  8. In this age of big data and hyper-personalization, companies are putting their best foot forward when it comes to targeting and attracting new customers. As a result, they focus time and energy on not only personalized marketing, but on optimizing the entire user experience to be an enjoyable and hassle-free experience. Most businesses collect data from users to provide an experience more tailored to their needs. Most people’s idea of user experience refers to an end-users interaction with a company’s product or service, including copy, design, usability, and branding. But with the rise of GDPR, user experience must expand to include data privacy and security.
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  9. We often get burned by things that “sound good on paper” for two reasons: Either the client rejects your idea because they can’t visualize it the way you do, or your idea is misinterpreted through lack of clarity and the client walks away with an alternative expectation of your idea (which is now more likely their idea). The root problem is that it’s not easy to align on an idea that exists solely in someone’s brain. In 99% of scenarios, it’s more than just turning letters into dollar signs.
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  10. The essential objective of the report is to gain the comprehensive understanding of the market in terms of its definition, segmentation, market potential, influential trends, and the challenges that the market is facing. In-depth research and analysis has been covered to offer key statistic on the market status of the market manufacturers. The report also covers the competitive landscape and a corresponding detailed analysis of the major players operating in the market.
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