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  1. easyJet and Travelport Digital were recognized for the user-focused digital experience they deliver at two leading industry awards in the UK. The double success saw the industry-leading easyJet mobile app, developed in partnership with Travelport Digital, awarded Best Transaction Experience at the User Experience UK Awards and Gold Winner, Digital – Travel Tech, at the driven x design, London Design Awards.
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  2. Learn From twenty experienced designers as we go deep into one question every week.

    This week we look at juggling what going on your life and keeping up with the deign industry.
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  3. Dallas-based ProjectUX launched on YouTube last week and gives startups the opportunity to get feedback from UX experts about their product designs.

    A new web series based out of Dallas is helping early-stage startups identify user experience issues through a panel of experts.
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  4. When you establish a bond of trust between a company and its customers, you forge and secure their relationship. When both sides talk to each other, face to face, you will get some of the strongest of these relationships.

    However, in this technological era, people use mobile apps, websites, and in-store kiosks to interact with companies.

    This has estranged to us the feeling of intimacy, and we don’t really need to line up in banks anymore if we want to pay bills, or go to physical stores to buy something, when we can do the same things online.
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  5. What is UX? How can I get into UX? What does the day to day involve? I get asked these questions a lot.

    Many people, even designers, don’t really have a clue what UX actually means. They think it’s some kind of handy-wavy fu that consultants palm people off with. Meanwhile, real UX design is in high demand. What’s all the fuss about?
    Tags: , , by tjeerdtraats (2017-12-06)
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  6. Every year Loughborough Design School hold a ‘UXathon’ in collaboration with Deloitte Digital and the University of Hong Kong MBA business students. The aim of the event is for the design students at LDS to spend one day realising the concepts of the Honk Kong business students.
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  7. As UI designers, we are confronted with design problems every day. Knowing how best to tackle these issues means investigating, analysing, testing and prototyping solutions until we get the answer that fits our user’s needs.

    UI design is less about making something look attractive (although it helps) and more knowing how to create a valid path from idea to execution, backed with statistics and evidence, for the benefit of our users. Otherwise, you are shooting in the dark and crossing your fingers you hit the bullseye. Thankfully, instead of relying on blind faith, there exist usability heuristics to steadily guide UI designers and keep us on the right track.
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  8. When 2017 is almost over it’s time to look ahead and predict how the digital experience will evolve over the next 12 months.

    In this article, I’ll overview the most significant changes in the digital world which we saw during 2017 and the trends we should be aware of to stay ahead of the curve in design and development in 2018.
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  9. Last year, there were more cars than phones connected to cell service.

    With smartphone penetration in the United States already standing at 84%, the market has been practically exhausted. Connected cars, on the other hand, have a lot of room to grow. According to a market study from Statista, the penetration rate of connected cars in 2017 is 12%.

    Continued connected car adoption will hinge on two main factors. The first is how connected cars integrate with third-party apps, which was discussed in part one of this blog series.
    Tags: , , by tjeerdtraats (2017-12-01)
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  10. We explain the principles of user experience design and how to make sure you offer the best experience for your users.

    User-experience design, or UX design as it's become known, refers to the development of systems, resources and processes to make them as user-friendly as possible....
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