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  1. Brand and user experiences are one and the same. This is accepted among young tech companies but often forgotten by older enterprise organizations that rely upon face-to-face interactions for most of their business. Specialized micro apps are transforming the in-person experience for both customers and employees. These streamlined tools allow staff members to execute tasks faster and more effectively, keeping pace with the brand expectations built by the digital realm.
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  2. In today’s digital economy, users expect companies to offer a cohesive omnichannel brand experience where every interaction is seamless, instant and personalized. This goes beyond just delivering the right content at the right time. It relies on the technical infrastructure to be able to connect personal data and touch points, building a unified customer experience from the ground up.
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  3. Digital Experiences need to be powered by technology. But what is the right technology for you? How can you prioritize the technology investments for the ultimate customer experience? And what do the new, immersive technologies mean to marketers that want to build 360degree brand experiences? Mark Troester, Vice President of Strategy at Progress, the leading provider of application development and digital experience technologies, tells us more in this edition of MarTech Musings.
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  4. "As entrepreneurs build companies, they find themselves running into the leadership paradox: They need to lead their growing teams, but they often have no idea how to do so. To help them learn from those who've been there, I'm profiling business owners in June who have found ways to grow their ventures successfully and become industry leaders in their own right.

    This interview features Sandy Marsico, the founder and CEO of Sandstorm Design, a brand experience agency. Companies know how essential brand experience is in an age when technology and messaging significantly impact engagement with customers. Many of them, however, guess at what will be most relevant or intuitive without testing their assumptions, leaving customers unimpressed — and ensuring that their efforts don’t come with the hoped-for ROI."
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  5. "Omnichannel referrals give a personalized brand experience and incentivize people to share with friends across multiple channels.

    Let’s take a look at examples of companies that have adopted omnichannel referral marketing and how they use it. We’ll share the strategies they use and what you can do to boost your efforts."
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  6. When it comes to comparing user experience (UX) and branding, it seems like everyone has an opinion.

    UX’s goal is to make sure that the user’s experience is as pleasant as possible whereas branding is there to ensure consistency throughout. At some point, design is going to get to where we must make decision between making a more agreeable experience for the user or maintaining brand identity. However, UX and brand identity overlap more than you might think. I always end up asking myself; are they really two sides of a coin?
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