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  1. "In my most recent contribution, I touched on the concept of digital excellence, which I generally define for customers as the ability to deliver always-flawless, continuously updated web and mobile applications. If the pursuit of digital transformation has been the defining technology trend of the 21st century’s first two decades, the pursuit of digital excellence is poised to define the next two.

    The way customers engage and transact with your business has clearly changed. Look no further than the sales trends from Cyber Monday 2018 for proof. In the digital era, the experience you deliver to customers via your web and mobile applications is no longer just part of your brand; it is your brand, and pursuing and achieving digital excellence is the single most important way to bolster and protect it."
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  2. umans are visual creatures. Throughout the ages, mankind has been constantly trying to capture their surroundings by drawing and preserving images. From prehistoric cave markings to this generation’s animation for mobile apps, the world continues to become more animated as time goes by.

    When animated cartoons were first introduced in the early 1900s, they were meant to merely delight audiences. Fast forward to the digital age and animation has now become part of people’s daily lives. It is now considered a functional element of mobile applications – one that enhances the user experience if designed properly. While mobile developers agree that animation increases users’ enjoyment of a product, how exactly does it enhance user experience?
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