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  1. 'Have you ever come up with a fantastic new business idea only to later realize that dozens of people are already doing it? You are not alone. If there is a business opportunity in offering a product or service, there are people doing it already. Waiting for an idea that is not only highly profitable but also has no competition is akin to a unicorn sighting.

    A better strategy is to differentiate yourself in a profitable market where there is tons of competition. When customers see a unique value in what you offer, they are more likely to buy from you. A number of popular and successful businesses became what they are today thanks to this strategy.

    There are plenty of examples for ideas on how to differentiate yourself.'
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  2. How important are those navigation labels at the top of your website? According to new research conducted by branding, design and marketing agency Tank Design, labels are essential – as long as you care about your customers finding what they’re looking for. After all, it’s not called “navigation” for nothing.

    But many large companies – especially in the business-to-business or B2B space – use the exact same generic navigation labels on their websites, leading to no differentiation for either potential customers or Google.
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  3. When you think of seasonal branding, your first thought might be Black Friday campaigns. However, it encompasses a lot more than a specific event or holiday. While holiday sales do account for more than $80 billion in online sales each year, there is a lot of other time that must be filled in to really get the word out about your brand.

    Fortunately, there are four seasons and all the holidays within each one for you to draw on as you think through the experience of your users (UX) and how you can enhance your site. You will need to pick and choose which holidays are most celebrated by your customers and figure out some sales trends before making a plan, of course. Some basic ways to include seasonal branding for UX include:
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