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  1. For all the talk of ‘improving the user experience’ that we come across in our smart home research, it’s still not surprising to hear how the majority of consumers feel about their IoT gadgets and doohickeys. According to a 10,000 person survey, carried out by software firm Dynatrace, some 64% of IoT device users have already encountered performance issues. On the one hand, it’s encouraging that apparently 52% of consumers are now apparently using IoT devices, although we think that might be quite a widely cast net, in terms of its definition. However, the flipside is that 64% of that group had run into a problem. According to Dynatrace’s survey, this works out to 1.5 digital performance problems each day,…
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  2. In this interview, CEO and co-founder of Talla Rob May discusses how his company is using big data and artificial intelligence to help businesses improve the user experience for their consumers
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