Improve User Experience: 4 Tips for your Self-Service Site

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  1. Lets imagine for a second that you just launched the first ever self-service site for your company. You had enough of simple requests bogging down your agents as they piled into the ticket queue. After working through the weekend, theres now enough content on the self-service site that you feel comfortable having customers use it. But somethings missing and you cant figure out what it is. A few weeks later, you look at your analytics and you see customers are visiting the site, but they arent staying for long. Why? This is where User Experience, or UX, comes into play and can make a huge difference. UX is taking a step back and putting yourself in the shoes of your user (i.e. your customer) to understand how they experience your site. As the creator or manager of the customer self-service software, you likely know where everything is thats because you built it or work on the site daily. But what about a first-time visitor? UX plays a major role in turning that initial visit from an exercise in frustration into a satisfied customer answering their own question. Here are four UX tips to consider when evaluating your self-service site
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