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  1. I think we can all agree that digital marketing has become this complex web of moving parts… Today’s digital marketers are juggling multiple social media accounts, growing subscriber lists and email campaigns, content creation and management, user behaviour tracking and mobile marketing efforts. And it doesn’t stop there…
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  2. Lauren, a digital analyst starts her work every day by grabbing her coffee, switching on her computer to read her email and then proceeding to sign into her dashboard to pull up a report on all website feedback from the previous day. This report is generated by a feedback form that was triggered when a customer ended their website session without purchasing one of her company’s insurance products.
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  3. At the upcoming Martech 2016 event, online feedback analytics specialist, Mopinion will explain how your company can utilise online feedback to yield increased conversions and optimise online funnels.
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  4. And if you paid close enough attention, it turns out there is quite a bit to be learned from “The Donald”. In this blog, we will identify four things digital marketers can learn from Donald Trump about Digital Customer Feedback.
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  5. Sound familiar? If so, then I’m guessing you’ve already approached a digital agency or are looking to do so in the near future. In both cases, perhaps it’s helpful to consider a few of the benefits of doing this first.
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  6. As the competition for every digital dollar has increased over the years, the number of digital marketing technologies has exploded; technologies such as customer data management systems, cloud services, social media, inbound marketing platforms, and more. However, one way or another all of these technologies have to be effectively deployed to reduce costs and provide an optimal experience for visitors of websites and apps. That’s where Tag Management Tools come in.
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