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  1. hinese ride-sharing giant DiDi Chuxing launched a bike-sharing platform within its mobile app Wednesday.

    Riders in Beijing and Shenzhen can use two popular shared bikes companies, ofo and Bluegogo, via DiDi's latest version of app, with no deposit required for riding Bluegogo bikes.
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  2. Another year has passed and Digital Customer Experience (CX) finds itself – once again – at the top of many business agendas. Not surprisingly however, considering many experts are calling CX ‘the new battlefield’. Dramatic, I know – but there is some truth in the expression. In fact, 2018 is the year Gartner predicted that more than 50% of organisations will redirect their investments towards customer experience innovations. So why is there such a high demand to provide a good digital customer experience? And as a result, what kinds of innovations and trends can we expect to see this year?
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  3. Mobile phones have come a long way since their inception. Back in the late 90s, when most of us bought our first mobile handsets, smartphones that could be operated without keys, unlocked with our faces, and operated with a virtual voice assistant were inconceivable. With technology developing faster than ever, our devices too are getting thinner, faster and smarter. Going by the precedent set by some of the flagship devices launched in recent times, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that something of futurism is going change the face of smartphones as we know them today. Here’s our speculation about some key features that’ll be a part of future of smartphones, sooner than later...
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  4. Is your landing page reaching out to the visitors exactly the way you want it to?

    Every website no matter how big or popular will have a considerable bounce rate — A unit that measures the number of users who visit your website but leave without performing any further action.
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  5. We all have our own story of how we have come to understand UX. I guess it’s difficult to come to a mutual understanding of what exactly it is now, especially with the pace design is evolving. Many are under the impression UX is strictly limit to digital products whereas Industrial Designers like me want to make the most of digital, physical and sensory experiences whenever is possible. I think as it continues to evolve this is the direction UX design will eventually move in. But straight to my point anyway.
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  6. UX design is a highly competitive field, and being a first-class UXer requires you to wear many hats. As well as mastering a whole host of technical skills, you’ll also need to become an expert in human empathy.

    What’s more, the UX landscape is constantly evolving — and the demands on designers can change from one day to the next.

    It’s a jungle out there — but fear not: We’ve got five key strategies to help you get ahead. Here’s how to stay relevant and boost your competitive edge as a budding UX designer.
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  7. It was, for some people, the confirmation of what they'd known all along: iPhones were being secretly slowed down by Apple to make people buy new ones. For others it was a public relations nightmare, ruining all the hard work they'd done to dispel myths about the iPhone by appear to confirm those myths, even if they didn't really.
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  8. Snapchat has copped backlash from its users following a major overhaul to its user interface, affecting users in Australia, UK and Canada. Plans for the new layout first emerged last year, with the intention to separate the social from the media. It also follows one year after the launch of Instagram Stories and slowing Snapchat user growth.
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  9. Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced upcoming changes to the way Facebook’s newsfeed operates, to make the experience more ‘meaningful’ for users.

    The changes were prompted by Facebook’s increasing involvement in cyber-bullying, fake news, and other social issues, which have made the application ‘lose sight’ of its original intent to ‘bring people closer together’.
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  10. Have you ever wondered why you don’t find job advertisements for “user experience developers”? For that matter, why do designers monopolize improving the experience of users? It is not like designers are the only people who impact the user experience. After all, the user experience is not the same thing as the user interface. The user’s experience is affected by many things beyond the interface.

    In fact, although I am a user experience designer myself, I would argue that in many ways a developer has a more significant impact on the user experience than I do.
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