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  1. The main mistake of startups is that they’re doing design!’ — that could be the whole article, however unpractical that may sound. Nevertheless, if you are dead set on doing design in you startup, this article will help you avoid common mistakes while trying to establish a business. Most important mistakes come first, from the standpoint of formulating a startup idea.
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  2. Balancing user experience, privacy and security for the connected consumer is a key challenge for online businesses, according to KuppingerCole

    A change in approach will help businesses achieve the right balance between user experience, privacy and security more easily, says Martin Kuppinger, principal analyst at KuppingerCole.
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  3. Many of us take the personalised content provided by the likes of Amazon, Facebook and online supermarkets for granted. They’re constantly using data - in key moments - to create more meaningful, relevant experiences.

    But we find that lots of marketers think it takes an Amazon sized marketing budget to take advantage of digital personalisation. This simply isn’t true...
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  4. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems available with nearly 75 million websites. What’s great about this open source software is that it offers well over 53,000 different plugins that gives users the opportunity to extend the functionality of their websites. These plugins can range anywhere from SEO tools and Landing pages to Social media integration and Caching tools. However, there are also several notable user feedback plugins that are great for kickstarting your customer feedback programme.
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  5. The holidays have a special way of bringing people together, especially in the world of online customer feedback. Check out this infographic to see just how much feedback volumes skyrocket around the holidays. Here we’ve zoomed in on some specific industries and as expected, Ecommerce really caught our eye. Check it out!
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  6. Last year, there were more cars than phones connected to cell service.

    With smartphone penetration in the United States already standing at 84%, the market has been practically exhausted. Connected cars, on the other hand, have a lot of room to grow. According to a market study from Statista, the penetration rate of connected cars in 2017 is 12%.

    Continued connected car adoption will hinge on two main factors. The first is how connected cars integrate with third-party apps, which was discussed in part one of this blog series.
    Tags: , , by tjeerdtraats (2017-12-01)
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  7. We explain the principles of user experience design and how to make sure you offer the best experience for your users.

    User-experience design, or UX design as it's become known, refers to the development of systems, resources and processes to make them as user-friendly as possible....
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  8. Are businesses willing to place UX design in a leadership role?

    That depends on our ability as UX design leaders to clearly articulate the impact design has on business. In order for UX leaders to succeed in this environment we must first come to terms with the fact that design is not the center of the corporate universe. This is why it’s integral to educate the C-suite on it’s importance in order to ensure that UX and design are recognized as key pillars of business success and overall strategy. So, how do we do this?

    We can gain a seat at the table if we are willing to peel off layers of UX-jargon and design-speak in order to clearly communicate the problems we solve for the business using the language of the organization. Here are some key approaches that will help UX design leaders get involved in the business conversation and earn a seat at the table.
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  9. Reuters, the iconic news agency founded over a century ago, has expanded into the mobile app space within the last few years. For those not in the know, the Reuters app provides access to breaking news, market data, and more, straight to mobile devices around the world.

    There’s little doubt that Reuters’ app content will keep you up to date with the world around you. But does the app’s user experience support its content? To find out, we explore the finer points of its app in our latest UX Analysis post. Read on to discover how Reuters keep mobile users active and engaged.
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  10. Amazon in October launched a feature that enables Alexa to identify individuals by voice. That means multiple users in a household can have a customized experience based on their voice signature. However, those capabilities have so far not been available to third party Alexa skill developers. TechCrunch is reporting that the voice signature features will soon be available to developers. Sarah Perez reported the news based on comments made during a keynote address at Amazon’s re:Invent conference.
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