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  1. Everything about your website — from the colors you use to the placement of your buttons — ties into your conversion rates.

    The experience your users have on your website will not only determine your conversion rates, but may even be the difference between whether visitors choose to stay on your site or bounce away. You likely have spent a lot of time and effort getting traffic to your website, so the last thing you want is to turn those visitors off.
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  2. In my previous blog post 6 Design Alternatives to Avoid (Evil) Slideshows, I outlined six design alternatives to avoid slideshows. The response to that blog post was great — who knew there were so many kindred spirits who disliked slideshows?

    From the feedback I received, the number one question was why are slideshows so bad in the first place?
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  3. Websites and apps need intuitive, user-friendly interfaces in addition to stunning graphics to capture an audience online. That's why UI and UX designers are so in-demand, and why you may consider familiarizing yourself with these skills via the UI & UX Design Bootcamp, which you can pick up today for just $39, down from its nearly $1,000 retail value.
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  4. To wean users off their devices, UX designers can deploy the very tricks that made their products so addictive in the first place, writes Bruce Nussbaum.

    The defining change in the field of design that brought design, finally, to the attention of Silicon Valley was the rise of UX. The ability to design great engagements for consumers of mobile technology added enormous value to high-tech companies— and to the design profession itself. Designers finally moved from the periphery to the center of business as engineers and coders recognized the critical importance of a designed experience. In the past decade, design and technology have morphed into a single product process.
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  5. UX expert Gareth Dunlop explores the challenging question faced by many a designer: what do customers actually want?

    The classic criticism levelled at consultants of many hues is that they ask for your watch, then tell you the time. They are notorious for asking lots of questions and reporting back with little more than a glorified transcription in a 50-page report, 40 pages of which are part of an off-the-shelf template.
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  6. Welcome to the first UX case study of 2018! Codal hopes you have had a fantastic start to the new year. For those who have followed along with our long-running UX Case Study series, welcome back, and to new readers, welcome aboard.

    For those who are just joining us: UX Case Study is a regular series written by UX design agency Codal, where we conduct in-depth examinations of different mobile apps. An exercise in scrutiny, we place apps under a microscope and critically examine them through a user experience lens, acknowledging both their successes and failures.
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  7. This article follows UX 101 for Virtual and Mixed Reality — Part 1: Physicality

    Designers working with virtual reality have to create experiences that work in a 3D environment. That environment can be entirely simulated (Virtual Reality) or overlaid onto our real one (Mixed Reality). As humans we navigate 3D environments constantly, and our senses allow us to do so expertly. Many aspects of VR rely on these same senses.
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  8. All UXers know the importance of building a rapport with your research participants. Whilst yes, you’re there to observe, document and analyse in a ‘scientific’ setting, if your participants don’t feel comfortable, they won’t speak or act as freely, or as naturally, as required for you to gain the insights you’re looking for.
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  9. The blend between our virtual existence and the physical world has become a normal part of our lives. We are living life through a screen already, so the jump into virtual reality (VR) is not as large a leap as one would expect.
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  10. Earlier this year, 60,000 technology experts from 170 countries descended on Lisbon, Portugal, to take part in Web Summit, the world’s largest tech conference. As part of Web Summit, I attended MoneyConf, an insurtech and fintech conference, where the world’s leading insurance companies, banks, tech firms and disruptive startups met.
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